Raids recruits & revenge

i see raids reward recruits … hmmm i may even start raiding again
does revenge also offer recruits ?

Of course it does, raiding or revenge is the same thing. You gain recruits :slight_smile:

I have seen either 5 or 6 recruits for raid/revenge is tis the min/max? (Not a complaint I appreciate the troups!) This means if you are skilled anoig (or lucky) you would receive 25+30 troupe per raid fill if you win all 6.

Are we taking recruits from the other players if we win…and does that also mean they take ours if they win? Or do we just get a set amount for playing in a raid?

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Are you in diamond? I got atleast once 4 recruits from a raid in platinum. In diamond it has been 5/6. Maybe something like 2/3 in gold?

As far as I can tell, we do not steal recruits, just gain a set amount.


I like to think that the recruits you gain are disgruntled peasants in the base that you’re raiding. They’re just plowing the fields, sighing and muttering under their breath how boring things are there, when a sudden commotion draws them to the main square, and they stand on the sidelines watching the raid. When you claim victory, they’re so enamored with your totally awesome battles skills that they squee like Justin Bieber fans and want to join you like groupies. :smile:

Either way, I’m certainly glad that recruits can be gained from raiding now.


Awarded recruits definitely varies by difficulty of the raid:

  • Tier
  • Cups at stake

By far the best answer I got…it made me chuckle…thank you for brightening my day :grin:

Little do those disgruntled peasants realize the gruesome fate that lies ahead. Half will die in the training arena. Perhaps, you say, I will be the lucky one and be the new Fletcher! Ah, but soon then you will be ground up and served to a hungry Sartana for her afternoon snack.

Should’ve stuck to plowing.



I just put 100 recruits into one of my camps. I expect a single hero to be the only one to leave.


Most of my recruits are consigned to TC11. Their fate is already decided…

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I will be avoiding heavy Guin teams again. Also the Grave tank with Zeline flank. 96-144 extra recruits is very welcome into my camps.