Raids = Rage

Ok, I try not to be a complainer. I like to think that I can look further than the surface to larger issues. I know that there is a constant balancing of strengths and weaknesses to make the game fair. Got it. Understood.

With that said, I am out of my mind furious at the constant tinkering w/ raids. It’s ridiculous. I pick my battles carefully. Balancing risk/reward. There is nothing haphazard about how I raid, and usually that makes me pretty successful.

Over the last 2 days I’ve raided 9 times. I’ve killed a total of 13 heroes. That’s 13 out of a total possibility of 45. That’s a 29% kill rate. 1.4 heroes per raid.

Normally filling my hero chest isn’t a chore, but this is absolutely stupid. You should not choose winnable, or at least having a good chance at winning, raids just to be smashed over and over. Lower teams, higher teams, it is all irrelevant. I lose to them all.

Making minor tweaks behind the scenes is understandable, but this drastic swing is beyond iritating. So much so that I really don’t even want to play the game. I’m not a huge cusser, but I’ve got to say that I’ve had to censor myself several times throughout this post.

A completely frustrated, soon to be no longer dedicated player.

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There are good days and bad days. I know what you mean. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter, what I do or how stupid I play, I win. And sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I lose.
Better times (and Raids) will come again! Soon :slight_smile:

Totally agree.
There are days when after 2 battles i already know that i’ll be smashed by all the people whatever i try to do. Fortunatly just once every while.

But i guess you already know this so… why the outburst?
Why now?

Jon, it might help to change your perspective. If you think about it logically, the only benefit to you when raiding is to obtain those 2 chests a day. The cup score provides you with absolutely nothing but bragging rights. It doesn’t help your alliance in any way either, other than bragging rights. So what is more important, those 2 chests a day or bragging rights?

If the rights are more important, well, then sure, I can see how you would be annoyed, but for me this game needs to be played in such a way as to maximize your chances of ascention items. That means two chests a day. The higher your cups, the harder it is to get those chests. So I want to make it easy to get chests. To do that, you want to LOWER your cups. I try to stay as close to zero cups as possible. My defense team is a single 1* guy. I want to lose when I’m offline to keep my cups down. Then I can just revenge against everyone who attacked me (or search for targets with more food/steel).

There is ZERO benefit to anybody with the way the cup system is implemented today. I’d recommend you don’t let cups bother you and take advantage of the system to go for the chests. If you decide later that cups are more important, you can easily recover your cup standings in a few days.


The Raid system purpose is to make you mad and pay money for better heroes, it worked on my brother, it’s simple as that.

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I don’t know what they changed but it’s benefitting me (middle of the road player).

I used to win on defense 60/40, maybe 70/30, but absolutely lose all the time on offense.

In the last few days, I lose my shirt on Defense, but I’m finally winning on offense and I didn’t change my line up.

So…not sure what’s going on, but not every one is being negatively affected across the board.

Hang on there, JonSnow!

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