Raids pvp not good mana build is way out


Have lost another raid that I should have won and had all my team left.
Mana build is to slow I’ve been stuck on 2500 2600 trophies for the last 3 months this is crazy it is doing my head in as I play this game for fun with mates. I wish you could understand the upset a lot of us are going through with your poor development skills regarding raids pvp


If you feel like you should be accumulating trophies then you don’t understand the system.

Trophies are a bit like the ELO-type rating systems used in tennis and chess. If you beat people with more trophies than you, then you will win a lot of trophies. But this, in turn, will make it harder for you to continue winning lots of trophies, because now the players with more trophies than you are considerably better than they were when you had fewer trophies.

At the same time, if you have accumulated lots of trophies then you have become a target for other players, especially the ones you passed, who will attack you and take your trophies.

So the number of trophies you have is a reflection of your true power as a raider. Attackers have a big advantage, so attacking a lot will raise your trophies a bit, but you can never increase the number too much - if they get higher than you deserve then they will just be taken off you.

The only way to permanently increase your trophies is to be better at raiding, either by getting stronger characters, or by improving their performance by arranging them in a smarter way, or by using better tactics.

You’ve been stuck at 2500-2600 trophies for months? Then that’s what your raiding power level is.


The worst part about fighting an opponents team that is AI controlled, is that all members of the defending team gains mana every round. It would balance just a bit to only let them accumulate mana when they get hit. This should be balanced by letting the defender strike each round, as the attacker, I.E. the defender may only have 3 heroes and those little swords that indicate the next attacker, sometimes shows the defender not getting a turn. The defender should be able to strike every turn just as the attacker can. The attacker however has the option to “ghost”, building extra mana forfeiting a damage doing attack. At this point, the defender should not gain any mana as no damage was done. This will make a more balanced system instead of the dendender always having the advantage, and just about the only way to win is to get “a good board”


Succubus, you’ve just made the only contribution I’ve read that suggests a change to the raiding system that would be fair to both attacker and defender, balancing the reduced mana gain to the defender with an increased opportunity to attack.

I’m happy with raids as they are, but I think I could also be happy with the system you propose. Thank you for making a smart, well-considered suggestion.


It has always been my opinion than underpowered attackers have a chance to increase their trophies by just fighting smarter, knowing which color attack to match next, vertical or horizontal, using strategy instead of blind chance. The game is advertised a spin of the traditional match-3 game. And the very heart of player vs player, player vs monster, is the match-3 aspect. The game needs to be more strategic not just who’s got more “team power”. If the above said underpowered attacker plays well, he gets trophies thus raising his standing. However, his higher trophies now make him a target for harder, smarter players. Taking his newly earned trophies and encouraging him to become even better. Either playing smarter or devoting himself to build a stronger team. My original point of all posts I make, being more dedicated to the game provides greater reward.