Raids problems

Bei Überfälle egal welche Teamstärke man als Gegner bekommt man verliert nur noch selbst bei gegen Angriffe. Selbst bei einen Angriff wo der Gegner eine teamstärke von 1800 hat und ich über 3000 teamstärke.

Raids are won in several ways:

  • You are stronger (see below)
  • You are better (your combination of heroes beats the other, not by strength, but by your abilities/specials

If you see a Raid you don’t believe you can win, skip it by re-rolling the match (costs food).

Raids werden auf verschiedene Arten gewonnen:

  • Sie sind stärker (siehe unten)
  • Du bist besser (deine Kombination von Helden schlägt die andere, ** nicht ** durch Stärke, sondern durch deine Fähigkeiten / Spezialgebiete

Wenn Sie einen Raid sehen, von dem Sie nicht glauben, dass er gewinnen kann, überspringen Sie ihn, indem Sie das Match erneut würfeln (kostet Essen).

Ich habe die selbe Erfahrung gemacht. Verloren gegen jemanden mit 400 weniger Teamstärke. Helden waren für mein Team super und die Steine sind auch gut gefallen. Habe den Eindruck dass die Gegner schneller Mana aufbauen als zuvor.
I made same experience today. Lost a raid against an opponent with 400 less teampower. My team was perfect against enemies heroes and jewels on the board were ok. Have the strong feeling that the mana generation increased for the opponent.

Yes, I think perhaps the mana has been tweaked. To know for sure, you’d need to look up the update information (it will be in English); let me post a few links:

Ja, ich denke, vielleicht wurde das Mana optimiert. Um sicher zu sein, müssen Sie die Update-Informationen nachschlagen (es wird auf Englisch sein); lass mich ein paar Links posten:

I believe raids system is still unfair as I see the heroes of the opponent gaining Mana for each attack whereas it is not applicable to mine. You get wiped out in no time because of the special power of your enemies. It is a raid and not a punishment to the player who wants to earn trophies. Hope devs will look into this issue and balance it.

The differences in Raid:

  • Defender cannot change his heroes
  • Defender gets slightly more mana

  • Attacker can change his heroes before the match to better attack/defeat Defender
  • Attacker gets control of the board (which matches are made)
  • Attacker can use “ghost tiles” (shooting where the empty spaces are) to get double mana

The Attacker has the advantages, if he knows how to use them. :slight_smile:


Hello Rook,

did not recognize that you get double mana when you cannot hit anyone. Is that really true? Because I have the feeling recently that my mana is slower than before…THX!

Really is true. :slight_smile:


Why is it when I start a raid and haven’t even begun- 4 of the other teams special abilities are already fully loaded and ready to use before the battle has begun?

Are you using hyperbole, or are you serious?

Yes, in Raid the defender (not you) collects mana even when not hit, but they do not immediately fill at the very beginning of the fight before anything has happened.


What is hyperbole? Yes very serious. Here’s 1 screenshot it shows little John and the guy behind him are gonna attack after my first move. However when they do attack they attack with their special skills.
The other screenshot is of same thing different raid and Colen is ready to attack before it starts and after I made my first move he attacked with his special skill and my entire team was on fire. I have Colen and I’ve battled him before and that was most definitely his special skill that he attacked me with. Have to find the Colen screenshot but that’s how I has been since I leveled up .

Hyperbole = exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

Ah, if you look at your screenshot, you’ll see two bars under each enemy. The top is red (health, full), the bottom is blue (mana, empty). :slight_smile:

A full mana bar is needed for their special attack. The red “fire” with numbers indicates when their next slash attack will occur (1 = 1 turn)

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Yes I know. But Colen literally attacked me with a special power as soon as the game started and I made my first move. I actually have 2 colens im very familiar with his specialty and that’s what he hit me with. Again my entire time was on fire.

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Find the screenshot. Hard to show the game support people what happened without it. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you I definitely will

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Ok this happened today just now. Raid battle started I moved 1 time was a crazy awesome ((my highest)) combo hitting Colen in the middle like crazy. And some on the right side as you can see from the other hero’s hp. Their 1st turn he hits me with his special power AGAIN. How is that even possible ?

Do you not know how defense heroes and monsters charge their specials? They get a small amount of mana each turn AND every tile that hits them charges up their mana as well.

If you had a large combo up the middle, it absolutely WILL charge up the defense hero or monster (some monsters have specials) and they will fire on their first turn.

What you just described - a defense hero that gets hit by a whole stream of tiles charging up his special is exactly how it’s supposed to work.

I have 2- Colens been hit by combos a lot during raids and with monsters but it’s never giving him mana from it. But it’s also not just Colen. This was the first time I could get a screen shot but there’s been a lot of Raids that I make a move not doing much damage hit one hero with 3 tiles & as soon as that first move is over and 2-3 of the hero’s on the hero’s on the other side are all ready fully charged with their special abilities. I’ll have to get more screenshots of that happening.

videos would be better. I guarantee you every time a defense hero gets hit with tiles, they charge up mana (unless they were already fully charged).

They were already fully charge that’s what I’m saying. I’ll have to screen recording and post on YouTube. It’s only in raids and it wasn’t always like that. Been like that since the last update.

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