Raids / Please recalculate the trophies

It would make a lot more sense if a players gets 1 trophy for 1 victory and loses this one trophy if another player successfully raided his castle. It doesn’t make any sense when I’m fighting against a player whose team is weaker than mine and I could win 45 trophies or lose 18. Or he/she fights against me after my raid and only gets 16 trophies back (???). So please, recalculate the trophies.

Hi @TheShield_Anna

Currently, team power, hero strength and player level etc are all irrelevant to cups and matching. It’s an Elo scoring system, which is commonly used in chess.

So is your idea to move to matching based on team power?

Would it be a players current defence, or their best possible 5 heroes?

I think the best way would be moving to matching based on your own current chosen team for the raids. The enemy you are facing then should be as strong as your own chosen team. That’s only fair. And if you win, you get 1 trophy. If you get raided, you lose this trophy again. So a good player could have won 2,000 matches and got raided successfully 500 times, he would have 1,500 trophies then. This is far more accurate in order to show a player’s successful playstyle and tactics. And it is far easier for alliances then to find perfect players matching their needs.

Ok, I can see the logic, and certainly cups aren’t currently a great measure of skill.

So, to test the idea… I have a fairly decent roster of maxxed 4* and 5*. But I set a 2* defence.

Do I get matched with 2* heroes when I attack?

That’s correct. :slight_smile:

And there is another good thing about this: Some websites wrote about a “rollercoaster strategy” regarding the current raid system, meaning: A lot of people pick weaker heroes and lose a fight in order to be matched with weaker enemies in the next round. But then they pick their stronger heroes and - of course - they win. And apparently this has paid off until now. With the new calculated trophy system this method doesn’t help you anymore.

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