Raids not being counted in PoV

My raid count in the PoV hasn’t gone up from 32, despite winning in both tournament and regular raids. Are tourney wins not counted anymore? Even still, my number hasn’t changed with recent wins. I need those! :laughing:

Are your trophies count in the right arena that is required for PoV?


Trophies aren’t the issue, it’s literally that my win count isn’t going up. I just won a revenge and even that’s not showing :pleading_face:

Your trophies are actually important.

If for example you are trying to complete the PoV Win Raids V challenge- win 60 raids in diamond arena, your trophies have to be 2400+ in order for your raid/ revenge to be counted.


Yep. @Magnifique is correct. You may already be on the raid POV tier that requires killing enemy heroes in raids while on diamond arena.

A trick if you have a tough time in diamond, get there then do your tournament battles because you will be in diamond tier that entire time and losses won’t reduce cups.

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I understand… but I’ve been in diamond already, lol.

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