Raids: No Opponent Found [Version 22.x Master]

the solution is what I said, seek revenge once. What happens is that it gets blocked in an attack. Make them attack and come. Once it is fixed.

Tried that, didn’t work for me.

you have taken revenge and it is not fixed?

I had tried it several times today and it didn’t work. But, after clearing cache and data I tried it again and it worked.

Idk how long this will take but i updated my game this morning and still no raids available.
i tried closing the app clearing the cache and data and still nothing. I hope they fix this issue soon. I even put in a ticket.

I hope it’s fixed soon for you Tyr

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I’m having the same problem. says no opponents available. it’s been this way for hours

At this moment still no opponents found please help me to fix this issue

I Also have this issue with raids. Surely there can’t be anyone else that has updated already.

Maybe you are right since i update to a new version then i experience this issue

I am in the same boat… I can do tournament raids, but no regular ones… It is a pain in the ■■■… I want to open my chest… :slight_smile:

You might want to try the workaround listed above.

Lower the defense, cause them to attack and avenge, that fixes.

Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? I have tried closing and reopening the game

Sorry I didn’t find a topic already open on the subject

Getting a no opponents available error message when I try to do raids. ??

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