Raids: No Opponent Found [Version 22.x Master]

I have problem with raid since v22 update. I keep getting message “No opponents available”. I have restarted the game, but it remains the same.
Anyone else has same issue?

Did you just update? The update just started rolling out, so it’s very possible no one in your cup range has updated yet.


Ive updated the game about an hour ago, so it might be possible that is the problem, but other alliance members that also updated the game and are within similar cup-range dont have this issue.

Definitely submit a support ticket then. Here’s how:

Try to restart the game app and see if that works.
I know it sometimes helps but not always.

If your alliance mates are not having the same issue then it is not a server wide problem and above idea might work.

@Petri I believe this was a known issue in v21:

Am I correct in assuming there’s still no fix? And if not, should we update the title on the old thread for v21 and merge into it?

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I will try this, thank You very much!

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You should get 1 opponent… unless you’re sherlock Holmes…

Tried tower and then startup phone… no succes

Got answer from support. They say it’s common and as soon enough people have downloaded new update it will be poss. To raid again.

I am in the same situation

I have been having this problem too. Says the opponent doesn’t have the latest version of the ap, when I reroll it says there are no opponents available.

By the way, I have 2 accounts and a single app and one works well and the big one does not, so the problem is accounts. And time passes and nothing, neither communication, nor arrangement.

You mean, besides the fact that Petri said weeks ago that it’s a known issue and they’re working to fix it?

weeks ago? I hope it’s irony, there’s a lot of money in this account.

I keep having the same problem with one of my accounts.

I’m having the same issue. I tried the work around, but it didn’t work. I’ve also signed out/in to my account. I’ll give it overnight & submit a ticket if it’s still a problem.

The solution is to be able to make an attack. If you update any of your revenge attacks and repaired, if not, lower glasses until they attack you and revenge is fixed.

the solution is what I said, seek revenge once. What happens is that it gets blocked in an attack. Make them attack and come. Once it is fixed.

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