Raids: No more re-roll for me, thanks!


When I started playing I struggled with raids. I read guides here on the forum, asked to Alliance members and, following their advice, I start rerolling more an more until I got an opponent I think I can beat.

Someone even suggested me that if I re-rolled 10 times, the eleventh match wold be a sure win, regardless the power of the opponent. (I tried for quite some times and it worked … then it didn’t work … then it did …, I’m pretty sure it was just RNG playing with me).

My hunger for more and more food was insatiable, raiding had become a chore and I hated it.

Then I stopped and ask my self why I raided? It was not for food or iron, it was for opening the chest.

And for throphies, of course, but trophies I wanted to keep! What was the point of winning 100 thropies if during the night I was raided for -200 throphies?

I wondered if re-rolling made sense.

To me it didnt and I stopped doing it: I always face whatever opponent I come across. I select the best color mix I can to face that opponent, decide my goal for that raid (it can be “wipe them all out”, “let’s kill as many as possible” or just “let’s kill that Guinevre”) and I start fighting.

From that day:

  • I developed a better sense for creating attack and defense teams, since I need to get the maximum out of what I have.
  • Trophies are a good indicator of my progresses on how good my attack teams are (how many times I win) and how good my defense is (how many trophies I can retain). I slowly ranked up to Platinum when I was at level 26 and stay there since then (I’m at level 32 now).
  • I’m no longer short of food, without having to waste time on building factories up to 20.
  • I can open a chest every day just by starting the chest in the evening and finishing the morning after.
  • I’m having the fun of a good challenge any time.

So, if you struggle with raids, as I did, just stop a second and consider if rerolling to find a “better” opponent is the right thing for you.

For me? I’m done, thanks.


I do a lot of re-rolling. I don’t have a great roster, so I have to use what I got to keep in platinum. I’m red strong and use riposte for attacking, so I hunt for green tanks with little as possible dispellers. That takes lots of re-rolling to find the right victim, but it definitely pays of. Anyway, I don’t have a food supply problem because of it.


I reroll when I want to fill chest and the opponent very difficult. Outside of chest filling time, attacking stronger teams is a lot of fun and excellent source of learning.

I have all farms maxed, ham is not an issue when I’m not leveling troops.

If you are in building period, before sh20 and tc20, then saving your food for building, research and hero leveling might be more useful than rerolling.


Rael -

Raids will be more difficult to win each time you upgrade your Watchtower. I keep my Watchtower low.


I just revenge people lol


@DQ1 Experientially this makes total sense, but I had not heard it before. Thanks for the insight!


That isn’t true. The only thing that happens when you upgrade your watchtower is whoever raids you gets more iron/food per raid, and you yourself get more iron/food per hour from it.

Also, the price to reroll goes up according to the SH level. So if you’re at SH16, it’s 1600 food to reroll every time. Max is 2000 (SH20).

Anyway, about rerolling, I love to do it. I have so much food stashed away in my food bank, and I’m always filling up faster than I can spend it (even with troops and hero leveling), so I’ll usually reroll like crazy just to get rid of some of it. Plus, it helps make filling the raid chest much, much simpler (for me). Since I reroll until I find the perfect opponent, I usually can fill two raid chests a day without using flasks or refills. Definitely a fan of the rerolling system here.


I typically only refill if I get someone weaker than me. There is an advantage to the offense and if they know what they are doing, they can revenge me for 2x or even 3x the trophies I took.


There is no relationship between the level of watchtower an the difficulty of your opponent.

My WT is 20 now.


Whoever told you that, lied… raids get more difficult as you gain trophies and climb arenas.


I think if you don’t reroll, you are getting the most balanced raiding experience. If you grind on fighting with weaker enemies only, you will end up with trophies above your level - it will be harder and harder to get a match you can win, and ultimately you will become food for others. It made sense for me only when I wanted to keep in the higher arena level for better rewards. Normally I reroll only when I want to fill the chest. Other raids I fight with what I get even if it seems to be sure lose. The less trophies you have, the easier the fights will be when you want that chest filled with 8 attacks only.


Give me all your food. Never enough here. :joy:


I dont do raid much, i only do revenges to upgrade my trophies, There is a lot of peoples that dont think before attacking and underestimate me and they think they’re safe with their full 5* 80 team. I destroy them +40/50 trophies just to put them back into reality.


Sorry. But when a 4100tp team comes up, me and my 3500tp are gonna go ahead and skip that.


Those are the battles I search for. Typically they have more trophies. If I lose, I lose 15-20. If I win, I win 40-45. If they revenge, they don’t get much. Also, it’s a challenge. My success rate is actually pretty good too.


Same here. I only reroll if I’m the overpowered one


Don’t judge an enemy by it’s team power. My 3400 strike team takes out 4000 + teams on daily bases. It’s the opposing team’s composition that really matters and especially the tank they use. TP is just numbers. If you go in strong against the tank and take it out before it uses it’s special the fight is half won. I use a 3 red / 2 purple team against green tanks, it’s a bit of a gamble but usually pays off. When I skip a battle I do it because they have a blue or purple tank, not because of their TP. Plus the high TP teams tend to have lots of trophies to give away, so you win twice: a great fight and a good trophy reward.


I couldn’t agree more!


This is true, I have taken down teams of 3050 with my 2800 with similar tactics.