Raids need to be fixed!

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Raids are the dumbest part of the game. I lose to other players weaker than me all the time. I’ve never beat anyone close to my strength or higher. I have one 4 star and four 3 star guys and can’t get anything better. During raids the game has several times not given me but one 3 in a row option and then the opposing player gets to hit me 5 times to my one. This needs to be fixed or the game is going to keep losing players. And players like me will NEVER spend money on this game til it starts being A LOT more fair!

There are plenty of similar topics, you don’t need to continue a discussion of a closed topic.
If you want to suggest something (you posted into #ideas-feature-requests) then you could actually think to suggest something.


If you are seeking advices to improve you attacking strategy I (or another regular / moderator) could rename your topic and put it into #general-discussion or #gameplay-help-tactics, just be sure to add a pic of your heroes to have a tailored team strategy.

Interesting username btw.

Thanks @FraVit93, the recommendation to ask for personal advice and post a roster is an excellent one.

As it turns out, @Bullcrap007 already did that, on this same topic:

As this thread is a duplicate, it will be closed per #forum-rules. Please continue discussion in the thread linked above so others can help you become better at raiding, and enjoy it more — and so you come to understand how cup dropping works, as it’s the source of a lot of your current frustrations, as others have explained in the other thread. :slight_smile:

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