Raids must be rigged

Tell that to my alliance lol I’m 2nd strongest with top team am 3370 so I probably will change soon was hoping to reach 2400 trophies to go to a real alliance cause we’re I am is a joke only 4 and 5* titans and sometimes the 5* escape pffff
I can report that after spending 200 gems on energy refills 12 lol I’m back on 1937 trophies !!

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Just as a check and balance (and recognizing I am at best an average player), I only recently have hovered around the 2400 trophy mark without losing hundreds of cups and thats with a team power of approx 3800. Most teams I encounter there have a tp of 4000+. It took ages getting from 3400 or so to 3800 due to the need for high level 5* heroes which take an age to level.

Not to discourage you but to temper expectations of how soon you would be at that level consistently. You will be a soft target for revenge attacks if you even approach 2400 trophies at this point.

That said there are many alliances who would welcome you and provide a higher challenge with much lower requirements, just dont expect them to be a top 100 or anything :slight_smile:


^ Agree with this. Been playing ~90 days, not F2P by any means, but not spending a ton of $ either. I’ve built 20+ heroes of 550+ power in that time including a top “line” of 3350 or so with room above for growth. In a good alliance with very active players, so drops are reasonable (insofar as SG goes) and they are often. Sounds like OP could use a newer more active guild with constructive teammates.

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I noticed this too. you go through a streak of invincibility then a streak of totally ■■■■ board. Never that random.
I’ve been saying for quite some time, with many others that the boards are rigged but there there are too many defenders in this board and the constant asking for proof just turn everyone who disagree otherwise left quietly.
Why do you think there are so many threads on this started by random people?

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Just look at the actual data:

I’m currently up to 7500 tiles seen-that’s over 200 raids I’ve recorded–and the stacked into color is still essentially exactly 1/5 of all tiles.

The reason you see people asking for proof of your claim that the boards aren’t random is that we have really good evidence that it’s wrong.

And if you think random systems don’t exhibit good runs and bad runs, you don’t know what random really looks like. If there were always 7 of each tile on the board, it would be the exact opposite of random.


Ever checked this out?

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The less I care the better I feel I apologize to whoever flagged my post as inappropriate lol really !!! but I was frustrated and Angry I can report things are back to normal still don’t completely understand how exactly the same tems more or less can be 100% different from one day to another I’ve decided to not care !!!

agreed but I think u’ll need to look at stretching the top end to allow more separation for would could call billionaire from the only rich. I.E what is the value when your strong hold is 20, defeat S1 and S2. Let us build/conquer new land.

Today I ran into two things I’d read about in forums which makes me believe some amount of raid rigging occurs.

  1. An opponent of roughly equal strength in heroes and troops. My attacks barely scratched him. At one point I triggered a huge set of combos and yet he’d taken very little damage at the end. Couldn’t kill even one of his cards, even when focused on a specific card. He had no shields or special effect defense. I’ve read about this in forum but this was the first time I’ve run into it. This match was somehow tilted against me,

  2. Against a player with multiple yellow cards and no purple. I color stacked purple in response and did not bring a yellow. And guess what - opening board had 1/3 yellow tiles and only 3 purple tiles. Uh - yeah… I cry BS on this being a random board. I focused on clearing the yellows as possible without activating his entire army and did enough to stay alive until I got some purple tiles. Ended up winning the match. I’ve read about boards like this when color stacking but hadn’t seen one before.

I have no confidence in SG saying the boards are random. I’m betting that certain circumstances cause issues like the 2 I described here.

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So you did one sample, had a bad board, and think that means it’s not random? What if there had been 12 purple tiles? Would you be assuming the game was tilted in your favor?

Here’s a board I got 3 days ago. Note his multiple greens and purple tank. Couldn’t ask for a better board:

Here’s another board from the past 3 days. Note his 2 Boldtusk and my 3 blue tiles:

So is the game rigged for me or against me?

The simple answer is that it isn’t rigged at all. We’ve got good data showing this. We aren’t just taking SG’s word for it.


From last night til this morning I’ve won 18\19 raids. If anything I’d say I’m getting luckier than normal. I went up to 2850 and then in the span of 30 minutes where I was offline, I went back down to 2550. There is always going to be a level based on your defense team where you will have diminishing returns on your trophies, and you will always return to that level. RIght now my level is at 2500ish because people below a certain level of offense will have a tough time beating my defense team, but my offense is good enough that I can go on long streaks.

But seriously tho if you can’t deal with losing trophies then maybe this game is too intense for you.


Define solid Team please. :smile:

If you talk about maxed 4* you are spot on for ftp.

One of the things that makes me wonder is the amount of cups I get when I attack “same strength” teams which I consitently beat.
Since I have around 12 maxed 4* available this means I attack all teams which are in this range even if they includde 1 or 2 weak 5*'s depending on the position.

The strange point is that 8 of 10 teams in this range give me between 10 and 20 cups ( closer to 10 ) which is astonishing because I attack teams of approximately the same strength as mine. ( Maybe a little stronger. )

I am fluctuating in a cup range of 2000 to 2300 with a team strength around 3430.

The amount of trophies you win is based on the number of trophies the defending team has vs. the number of trophies you have. If it’s about even, you get ~ +- 25. I think max is +50. It has nothing to do with the strength of their team.

I’d say that it’s just you got some bad boards today & good ones yesterday.

Happens lol.

3d ago I was top 8 of my country, only awesome boards. Yesterday I got some horrible ones, went from 2 650 trophies to 2350 just with attacks ahaha.

Happens that’s all :smiley:

Boards are random. Not true that boards are worse when color stacking. I raid only with my 5x purple team (faster to reroll than switch heroes), raid mostly guins and win around 80% raids. Sometimes I lose 3 raids in a row and sometimes I fill 3 raid chests without defeat.


I know that. :smile:
It is still suprising that about 80% of the teams with “similar” strength have so many fewer cups than my team. :thinking:

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Sounds like you are more active raiding.

Really? 2000+ trophies with a TP of 2430? This must be a typo, no? I’ve been tracking proposed matches for nearly a month and I’ve never seen a player in the platinum arena (1800 trophies) with a defense team TP of less than 3000. If true then you are definitely an extreme outlier. Also, if accurate, why are you using the equivalent of a team of maxed and near-maxed 3*'s rather than your dozen or so maxed 4*'s?

I don’t normally color stack. I don’t believe in coincidence. What are the odds of dropping your yellow hero and stacking purple and getting the board I got? Other players have reported similar concerns. Without seeing the source code we will never know. Timing was very convenient.

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