Raids mega mismatch

How could I possibly defeat such opponents? This is not the first time! Too big of a mismatch, I couldn’t possibly kill even one foe to fill up my heroes chest. There should be some kind of a limit as to team strength difference. The cups are not always relevant because people often let them fall on purpose by placing a weaker defence team, otherwise after a short time you get opponents impossible to beat like here.

The match making is very seriously wrong in your Raids I believe. I can lose to a more or less equal opponent without hard feelings but getting such offers as above only gets me pissed off at the developers. That should be illegal.

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Take two heroes in the colour that is strong against the tank and it’ll be a lot easier. Two blues against a green tank is going to be rough, especially with no reds.

Thanks, I know the drill. I took all red and actually managed to kill the center but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s impossible to beat this team with mine, those are my best players! The rest are 2* and it will take a while for me to upgrade them.

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Happily, you are not forced to fight any team with whom you are matched. Some will be easier to beat than others - being able to tell the difference, knowing when to fight and when to reroll, is a valuable skill.

I applaud your audacity in taking the battle, but in this case discretion might have been the better part of valour.


Except rerolling until finding a better opponent might cost more than I can gain from battle and on starter levels food is scarce. I tried that and decided that it’s not efficient. And there is no other way to change the adversary except to wait until someone attacks me and try to retaliate. I still maintain this match making is very imperfect! I find it’s easier to loose some cups in battle and then have an easier opponent, also so far as one hero is down, the flag wasn’t totally wasted while the chest is open for filling. BUT lately I get opponents where i will be unable to kill even one, and that is exactly what I’m complaining about.


Raids seem to be cyclical. I’ll feel good because I’m raiding and winning, even teams 200+ stronger. Then the downswing…I can’t win anything, even teams much weaker then me. I’ve quit trying to understand how/why I’m matched against these killer teams. With supper strong troops… but you do learn from all these mismatched raids, win or lose. I almost always rematch now when I lose, for that reason. To learn and see if I can win using a dif set up or whatever. Trophies really don’t mean much, at least not to me. (My ego maybe) but I’m trying to learn, and raiding helps that, even when I’m constantly in a losing streak… I hope you continue to play. Good luck!


On lower levels when resorces are problem you can do the same as others - set much easier defense team + lvl your stronghold to have more resources to be more attractive for opponents. They will attack you more likely this way and you can choose who is weaker to retaliate and don’t spend food on rerolls. With your lower cups you get lower attack team power opponents. It’s suggestion more for future because you with rerolls get opponets in ranks your cups ± 300.

With this tactic you can more frequently open more heroes chests per day, so you can get more resources per day and more important you will have more chances get rare color chests with unfarmable ascenson materials for future 4* a 5* heroes. Completing more hereoes chests you will get more resources. Btw how much food and iron you get depends on lvl of your food and iron storages, higher lvl is better.

Because quality of heroes chest depends on raid arena, it’s good to be on lower cups of arena you can comfortly win, so eg. in future for silver you can drop to eg. 500 cups and after six wins you can open chest in with silver cups eg. on rank 620. With lower defense team and competition in 550-650 you will have enough oponents to retaliate. So generally you can switch between different teams with different team power to control if you want to drop or stay in cups you need.

That’s a perfectly reasonable judgment for you to make, but it suggests that you have misdiagnosed your problem. If food is so scarce that you can’t reroll matches you think you’ll lose, then you don’t produce enough food. Upgrade some farms and that problem will go away.

That’s not terrible advice, except:

  • Cup dropping is for weenies.
  • Cup droppers wet their beds.
  • Cup droppers wear mom jeans.
  • Cup droppers can’t walk home from school alone.
  • Cup droppers always leave the seat up and have unhygienically poor aim.

Let’s speak plainly: it’s a rational but decidedly pathetic tactic.


The system in place must take into account everyone that plays the game. Because of this, it has to function well for those who have 2000+ trophies and for those with just 200.

The system picks an enemy that is within 300 trophies of you. When you only have 300 trophies this means that you might encounter an enemy that is 0.1x your strength, or 2.0x your strength. On the one side it’d be an insanely easy fight, on the other it’d be insanely hard.

If you have 2100 trophies, then the range becomes 0.85x to 1.15x, effectively affording a good variety of opponents at a rather well matched difficulty. As a result, the higher you go on the charts the more equal the battlefield will be.

The cup system is what it is. It isn’t perfect… but it’s decent, and interesting, and it pushes us to test out strategies and improve. Accept this, know that you will fail just about as much as you succeed, and all will be well.

Also… the two teams in the OP screenshot are actually quite close in power in my opinion. Clearly the enemy has the advantage, but it is possible, with the team presented, to overcome it with the right board.

Things will get better, though, as you grow. :slight_smile:


It’s pathetic at 3k+ TP with a reasonable bench. At that point, my advice would be “learn to play.” I’ve got a lot more sympathy for someone at 1669 TP and 221 cups. If the OP choose to skip the Marquess Of Queensbury in favor of a little sand in the eyes in order to efficiently fill chests, I’m not going to call them a coward.


Your perspective is perfectly logical and my objection to it is thoroughly irrational. Cup dropping stinks. Cup droppers all have fungal infections and they deserve to be mocked.

(The closest I can come to a sensible defence of my position:

  1. Cup droppers make raiding harder than it needs to be for weak players like OP.

  2. Hence, if fewer players dropped cups then there would be less of an incentive for players to drop cups.)


Blbecek, I already had to lower my defense team power, doesn’t seem to help . Maybe the difference is too small.

Brobb, are you a child to call ridiculius names? You are embarassing yourself.
I’d like to see you beat them with my team, especially when the board is not on your side, which seems to be the case two last days.

Do not take people for idiots, all my farms are up to the base level, which is only 8 so far, I’m just upgrading all my heroes constantly and well if you don’t remember you can’t up the base and everything else even in a month or two and I’m only playing two weeks. TWO WEEKS!

CheTranqui, you nailed the poblem. That’s exactly it. I think the margin could be lesser, at least on lower levels. After all it’s all math and equations, meaning it can be changed.

And people would not be dropping cups if the sysyem wouldn’t bring them to unbeatable opponents. There is only so much you can do with game skills especially when the board is clearly against you, as it seem to happen in waves like TijaraTaj noted.

I think the fact that cup dropping is a mass phenomenon speaks for itself! Imbalance in the system. People would never do it if they weren’t forced to for other benefits.
In other games such type of badges tend to steadily grow, not go up and down like on roller-coaster.


Neo, You are the equation the imbalance!

Sorry couldn’t resists… :stuck_out_tongue:

To add constructive criticism to the post… Cup Droppers suck! (Sounds like a pr0n term :astonished:)

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The raiding experience really does get better as you get higher in level and you get a stronger team and a deeper bench. At your level, there’s just not much you can do about a bad matchup like this. When I was at your level, I hated matchups like that too. They’re really no fun. These days, I’m in the Platinum arena, and I can pretty regularly beat teams 300-500 Team Power greater than my own. So hang in there!

Also, if you haven’t done it yet, you should take a look at the Player Guides section on this forum. There’s a lot of good advice in there that I wish I’d know when I’d only been playing 2 weeks.

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Based on what I’ve seen over the past several weeks of tracking proposed raid matches, I would say that the +/- 300 trophies rule is a simplistic representation of how the system chooses possible opponents. It appears to me that the “target” is set somewhere in the neighborhood of 75-100 trophies higher than the attacker’s trophy count, with the +/-300 trophy rule applied as a limit at the end of the process.

For anyone interested, this is based on 365 opponents proposed by the system (excludes any retries, retributions, or season one end-of-province match-ups). The mean difference in trophies is approximately +50 in favor of the proposed defender, while the median is about +75. I’m also comparing the difference in the TP of my defense team vs. the proposed defense teams just for grins. I take the fact that I’m coming up against teams with a higher TP almost 90% of the time to indicate that I am 1) punching slightly above my weight generally speaking and 2) am unlikely to be able to hold many of the trophies I win.

I have to agree that the game encourages cup-dropping because the incentives to not do so are paltry compared to those to do it. In my opinion the core issue underlying the phenomenon is the miserly drop rates of key loot materials. The difference in drop rates between arenas doesn’t seem to be significant enough to encourage players to try and move/stay in higher arenas when they can drop down, score easy wins, fill mundane chests quickly to get to the much better rare chests more often.

Thank you, Garanwyn. I did read the guides and watched some videos to get around, I just wish it wouldn’t take so long to advance lol. When you look at all those teams it just sucks to feel how weak you are and gonna be for quite a while yet, especially counting the need to upgrade a team of 30 for alliance wars.

Anaea, cool breakdown. But it’s not the only imbalance I notice in this game, whether this is on purpose or just a design flaw. You could encourage me all you want for higher arenas, I still think 90% of the losses with the current system would discourage me just strongly enough. There is a fine line between putting difficult and impossible tasks - while former may encourage development, the latter most likely diacourages some people to the point of dropping the game altogether or just the raids, or wars, for example. And it’s not in the right place here, ergo there is improvement work to be done by developers IMHO.


Let’s just be simple here. There are a lot of things SmallGiant NEEDS to fix. The Raid Opponents system being one of them. I have literally clicked thru 100k food on rerolls and not gotten a suitable match up. The system is broken and could be easily fixed if they were to base matching on Power vs. Cups. But no matter what you will always have “Baiters” (Cup Droppers) because believe it or not there are people out there who enjoy their day by ruining yours. But people have been complaining about the Raid matchmaking since day one just like they do Field Aid in Wars and guess what? SmallGiant still hasn’t changed a thing. Luckily there are other things to make the game enjoyable… but none of it has to do with ANY of their PvP set ups. Or you can just quit playing the game for those very reasons as I have watched so many do.

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You have duly shamed me. (Though I can at least take pride in being able to spell ‘ridiculous’ correctly.) You may be missing the point, however: cup droppers are bad for the game, is my point. Judging from your complaining, that also happens to be your point. I am advocating that they should be called childish names because their behaviour, while totally rational and effective, makes life harder for players like you (again, judging from your original post, you strongly agree).

Perhaps you didn’t understand that, or perhaps you were too busy misspelling common words to lower yourself to my level. I invite you to try it out anyway. Cup droppers put recyclables in the general trash. See? It’s easy and fun.

I don’t know if I would win with your team or not. I don’t think I would try. I think it was brave of you to try, but also quite foolish, which is what I said:

Perhaps you didn’t understand that. You should have rerolled.

If you wish not to be taken for an idiot, then don’t post things that suggest you are an idiot. If you are “upgrading all [your] heroes constantly” then you are using food for that purpose. Your priorities are flawed if you do not retain enough to reroll when you are matched with a raid opponent you’d rather avoid. Use your food more intelligently.

(I wouldn’t worry too much about this - if you’ve only been playing for a couple of weeks your learning curve will be pretty steep.)

Here, you simultaneously misunderstand cup dropping, the nature of the matching mechanism, and how to win raids. This is pretty impressive for a short sentence. Again, though, you’re on a step learning curve. You’ll understand a lot more when you’ve been playing for six months.

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Brobb, be gentle and do not lead others into temptation.


It is nice to see @Brobb back in the Forums. I think some of the tongue-in-cheek jokes get lost in translation. At least that is what appears to be happening. For those taking offense: Try to realize that Brobb is actually right regarding cup dropping, although the answers fall a bit far from the “kinder-gentler” answers you may have been expecting. In short: pay attention to what she is saying not the way she says it.

As I’ve stated before in these forums, there are a few periods of time in the development of an account where raids are very difficult and adequate matches are not easy to come by. Consider these times “Growing Pains” and don’t get too wrapped up in how many trophies you actually have. It’s not like you can trade them for anything. Just try and stay to the point where you are in the next tier up for rewards right around the time your raid box fills up.

The times you are going through right now can be a bit frustrating, but we’ve all been through them. There are a few things that you can do. First of all, try not to reroll unless you absolutely have to and when you do come to a point where you feel you must reroll, head over to your watchtower and view the revenges available to you. Select one of those revenges and beat that person. Then head back and search for a raid opponent and you will find that the “search” has been reset and you’ve been re-rolled without having to pay the Ham cost.


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