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Ok, so I’ve played this game now for about 5-6 months. It feels like recently (since the update most drastically) that there has been something off with raids.
My last 24 raids (I got mad and started to track). I was the “favorite” in only 2. 20 of the remaining 22 raids it was a +45or more / - 10-15ish each time.
With all of the people who play this game it’s hard for me to imagine that there isn’t a fair matchup I can get…
Am I being “punished” by the algorithm because I don’t spend enough money?! Am I being punished because I won a few I shouldn’t have awhile ago!? What do I have to do to get a fair raid matchup???

@Garanwyn @Anaea Either of you want to take this one?

Swear to god…pic incoming.

I beat this team. For these cups. Using this team.

Yes, that is exactly what is happening.

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The good news is, it’s not just since the update, nor is it just you. But there does seem to be a persistent tendency, at least in Platinum arena, to match people against higher-cup opponents.

The median–probably the most interesting number for this distribution–is 63 cups higher, which translates to a normal fight wher your gain/loss is +36/-25 cups.

It would be really easy with those statistics to go on bad runs, though. Here’s a set of 25 matches I had that are bad like yours, but from before the update. There are only 5 raids in there where I was the favorite:

Cup Delta Win Gain
206 46.73
26 32.78
262 49.95
105 39.45
160 43.63
264 50.05
-273 10.49
252 49.42
6 31.03
-221 13.35
256 49.63
107 39.61
89 38.15
-25 28.31
-174 16.39
124 40.95
244 48.98
277 50.71
43 34.26
19 32.17
238 48.64
46 34.51
240 48.75
-66 24.77
37 33.74

So you can see it’s not just you it happens to. And I spend a fair amount, so I doubt I’m being punished :slight_smile:

Now, at least for me, I actually prefer it this way. I can generally win about 70% of these matches, and they have a good risk/reward ratio. If I lose, I don’t lose many cups. If I win, I win a good number.


Is it just me?

the pieces don’t fit to activate six heroes
when my team comes
and always the same way

I should not only criticize

because this Christmas event has had a significant improvement from my point of view on spoils
but already in wars, attacks and revenge
it’s hard almost no game anymore
due to this

I will forward images of my watchtower

and thanks for more hero 5 * misandra

I’m glad

but I would like to win a heroes of nature

I already have 18 tonic and in 21 months of play no legendary of nature

Seems as if you use the wrong teams against your opponents and/or choose to fight against opponents that are too stromg for you.

Reroll until you find a manageable opponent and adjust your attack team to counter your opponents’ heroes.

I’m in low/mid diamond and can win at least 80 % of my raid attacks. I avoid those 4500+ Ursena or Guin tank teams and rather fight against 3.9-4.2k teams with Aegir, Frida, or Kadilen tanks for instance.


Do you have Line?

20 chars

lines? can specific better

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It’s a free chat app players use to share videos and screenshots

Makes gameplay advice a lot easier

Picture worth 1k words and video worth 1k pictures kinda thing


Partner then my focus on attack and center and flank, I usually use formation 3-2 or also all of the same color

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Not use has the link?

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Are you asking if i have a link?

If you have it, then I access

I’m not sure what you mean but here is a link to the app:

Ok Thank you I will search

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If you need help, i probly wont be able to do much till later today… gotta work for that gem money


You could also post some examples of your attack teams and the respective opponents’ defense in the ‘Gameplay Help & Tactics’ subforum.

3/2 is usually a good formation: 3 heroes of the strong colour against the tank + 2 heroes with good counterbuffs/-debuffs against the special skills of the tank and/or the most dangerous opponents.

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