Raids loses

I have lost 300 cups to teams i should not have lost to

That’s because they’re not attacking you with what they have setup as their raid defense team.

They are more than likely using multiple strong color heroes to kill your tank quick.

Me last night lol

  1. I tripled up purple against zeros guin tank.
  2. Got a kick ■■■ board.

Updated with better quality streamable link. Uploading from a mobile device to streamable degrades the quality too much IMO.

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@KLinMayhem yep, I really like the stack and spank the tank strategy! However, every time I have stacked and that colour is no where to be seen on the board… my phone receives some well deserved air time.

Bah link is broken. Dunno why streamable links do that on here.

There are good days and bad days… sometime i win in one move and sometimes loose.

Still i would like to see it. I have to make own video with zero :slight_smile:

There ya go :smiley:

Raids still suck have no rhyme or reason to them there twitchy inconsistently garbage and need to be replaced or just plain eliminated from the game completely if it wasn’t for the fact that I need to fill a chest I wouldn’t waste my time on them

I love raids, they are a clever blend of spatial and mathematical puzzle, mixed with the randomness of the board.

If better team meant you won every time it would be so dull.

Have you read the Ultimate Raid Guide in the player guide section? It can really reboot your strategy, even if you’ve been playing a while.

For a light-hearted take on the frustrations of boards, have a look at this:

I agree. I just used all 6 raid tokens and only attacked teams 2300-2650 with my team power at 2807 and guess how many raids i lost? 6. I won’t stack one color because i won’t have any of that color on the board at all and whatever color hero is missing will be everywhere! If they don’t balance the raids better i will be out. And my healer always gets killed insanely fast before i get one heal but the opposite team will get at least 3 heals because they only line you up for “weak” attacks so the enemy team gets mana fast while i do almost no damage which gets immediatley healed while the other heroes get to attack me for somehow 3x .the damage i do with weaker heroes! 2 hits each and my 520 power heroes are done for by 3 star heroes. Whoever came up with the algorithm must have a crack addiction

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I have to disagree. I always stack because i have no choice and have plenty of success. I’m currently sitting in diamond and win more than I lose.

Ok, the screen shot is from a mission, rather than a raid, but it’s an absolute myth that there is an anti-stacking algorithm.

I think you need to see some videos and choose better your moves. This week i made a 44 winning streak and don’t remember the last time i lost 2 in a row.

This part of the game just plain sucks there’s no getting around it my defense team losses when I’m not on no matter what team I challenge with it gets slaughtered can get a combo out of the crappy boards I’m given then I have to sit there and watch my team get comboed to death then I get hit with the special moves conveniently just when I get 1 of my hero’s powered up and I don’t get to use it cause amazingly my opponent is capable of 1 hit kills it’s BS and it needs to be revamped or just plain eliminated from the game


Post a picture of your defence team, perhaps your formation could be improved.

Post a screenshot of some of your attacks.

If you bring details to the forum, you get help.

If you just complain about losing, no one can offer suggestions.

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