Raids keep matching online opponents

I go to raids, touch find opponent, and get a message that the opponent is online and am given the option to reroll. This isn’t a revenge attempt, it keeps happening in regular raid area.

This happens when the last person you clicked on to raid was a revenge that was online. It will stay with that person until they are offline or you reroll.


Once you are matched to someone, you stay matched to them even if you log out.

You either need to reroll, or select a revenge target who is offline, if you want a new target.

It is a good idea not to ask for a new target unless you are ready to attack, because if you ask for a new target and then log off or do something different, then that opponent may well be online when you are finally ready to attack them.


This only makes sense if my next opponent is chosen before I actually request to find an opponent, because it’s occurring that way. I don’t request an opponent when out of flags, I leave it be.
I am going to the tower and choosing a revenge to bypass it, which is simple enough, but it never happened to me before last update. Thus, my assumption of a bug.
I asked around and have found this is happening to others in recent weeks.

Interesting. Your best bet is to submit a Support Ticket to Small Giant. If you can tell them approximately when (what time and timezone) it happened in, they maybe able to take a look back through the logs and sort out what is going on.

Here’s how to submit a Support Ticket:

If you have any difficulty submitting, let me know and I’ll do what I can to help you.

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