-Raids Issues-

I have been getting raided once a week, in an odd way, once each week I get raided and reraided by a player, not revenged. I understand that to do it would cost ham to find the person I just raided and do it again.

Often if it’s a particular player attacking and losing repeatedly over time it’s an indication you happen to be the “outpost owner” for one of the outposts for that player. So they’ll attack you repeatedly until they win and are able to move on in the world map.

If they’ve won more than once then it would be something else.


Yes, you could be named as an outpost owner, you would have no way of knowing.
From that screenshot though it just looks like someone has had a second attempt at raiding you. If they lose they automatically get two retries without having to spend food to re-roll you.


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