Raids issues

I read that raids is matched by cups players have. This is pathetic. I have no cups. And I’m getting paired against players that are twice my strength. So to me. Raids is pointless.
Should be matched by strength. Makes sense.

Interesting to note that the last 8 raids I’ve started are the following
My strength 1000 roughly their’s 1500+ I have 0 cups they have 250+
I get hit once and they pretty much wipe out my heroes.

Please explain to me how this is fair? They don’t even match on cups.
I’ve won by chance 1 raid in roughly 30.

People will tell you: raids are matched by cups not strength.

While I understand why, the amount of topics like this popping up means something must change, because players, especially new players, are not enjoying this part of the game. I’m not saying it’s gotta be about match making, cups, or team power, but something’s gotta give.

I have to say, even with my rather zen attitude towards the raids and the game in general, I have managed to get somewhat frustrated with the raids recently. I’m not gonna throw my phone, cause I really like the puppy, but I did virtually throw the wanted heroes chest across the hamlet.

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If you have no cups and pair on people with double your strenght, then you must be on the very beginning.
Raiding on the beginnig is kinda useless, just for the reason that you already stated.

Level up a bit more and you see that raids gets a little more sense.

Surely I should be matched with players that also have 0 cups. That’s a

And also why does an EPIC HERO TOKEN give a rare hero? That’s misleading!
An epic token should give you a random epic hero. Else it should be named
differently. Had I’d known this I wouldn’t of brought the pack

A good question.:thinking:

Because it equals an epic hero summon

Rare is 3*, Epic is 4*, Legendary is 5*, as it shows below the banner:

Perhaps it says EPIC, because the daily Summons goes up to Rare (1*-3*), whereas the Epic has the possibility of 4* and above (just not the guarantee).

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Exactly. Epic Hero token will give an epic hero draw. Basically the token is equal to 300 gems

That’s rubbish. The rare I got is close to an unleveled uncommon.
But my gripe is the fact the token never said anything about getting a
rare. I assumed that its a default epic. It’s like going into a shop.
Asking for a car and getting toy one. Very misleading.

Not misleading at all. Epic hero token =epic hero summon. Same name

how would you label the category?

I got rip off by a team that put in 2600 team power it took from me 45 , for revenge I got only 15 back , 20 minutes later I check on that team again it changed its defense team to a team with a over 125 power more then me