Raids - is it time to forget about trophies

Raids have always been a subject for heated debate. However it seems that they have managed to get worse after last update. Suddenly all my alliance state the are being hammered by raids. Also it appears nigh on impossible to win unless you pick on the little guy. Who then revenges and you lose more trophies than you gained.

It doesn’t make any sense that when attacking you lose and when defending you lose. Someone has to be winning to beat you… mind you the amount of legendary heros out there make them more common place then they should be!

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I guess worse is a question of definition.
Raiding has changed the last 2 patches, since some mechanics have been updated, some hero abilities no longer stack and the defender heros attack more often.

Your situation where you loose all raids, both attacking and defending, can be that your teams are made up of heros that aren’t really suited for raids.
Or that you are just raiding/being raided by teams with better heros/troops than you.

Just my take on the situation haha!
So far I like raiding much more since this new two latest patches :slight_smile:


Same here.
Guess devs are trying every way possible to balance more the difference between assurdly good teams (like all 5*) to the other, and give priority to the player style and choices so everyone can have at least a chance to win.

Personally i don’t have any problems raiding guys with 200/300 trophies more then me.
You can win even easily, if you know what to do.

The devs have already stated that there were balance changes made in favor of defending teams. It was way too easy to raid higher rated teams leading a lot of players to have an inflated rank. I tend to log in every morning to dozen or more attacks on me, and I tend to be pretty even on trophy gain/loss.

Prior to these changes, all you had to do was find comps that you worked well against, stay online so you couldn’t get revenge raided, and punch your way to the top. I got to third like this. Even though there were a couple dozen teams with higher ascended heroes. Now it is FAR more balanced. It’s harder, but it’s more fair for everyone. There’s no way someone like me should have an easy time against Arien, (I have 5, 5* at level 70, 4 of Arien’s are 80)

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I’ve found that at the end of the day not much has really changed. There are certain heroes I try to avoid, I try to avoid fights with a potentially large cup loss, and it’s still just a whole lot of luck. I just did a raid where I literally couldn’t see the one match I had on the board; it didn’t get much better from there. There’s just nothing you can do in that situation.

There are runs of good and bad luck but echoing what Penari said, it seems to even out over larger samples.

If it wasn’t for the raid chest, I would never raid as it is the single biggest source of frustration in this game for me. The game to me would be better if thecraid system would be scrapped all together


Last I saw bud you were missing a bunch of hero levels :).

Get ascension capped then see where you are at raid wise, when you’re facing 4^3 and 4^4 and you are a full ascension tier under that, it’s a mess I agree. Even rated teams though, to Fled’s point I think balance is better than ever.

That said it would be hypocritical of me to suggest worrying about cups as an immediate goal: get your teams built first then see what you can do cup wise.

Since the update, people have actually started to raid me. Before the update, I’d be sitting around 1000 Cups with a team strength of 650 and a lvl 10 tower that I kept full all the time… got hit once every couple days. I would retreat from matches to keep my cups low, cause why have them? Since the update I’ve been raided 20+ times. Now that I’m down to 300 Cups I don’t have to loose to stay low, and I feel like I can collect from my tower, as none of those who raided me actually got more then 4k of either resource. I think it might have been broken, or I was behind a patch somehow, and had a huge advantage because of it.

Well ■■■■ if I wait til my heroes are max ascension to have an opinion I won’t get to make another forum post until the year 2020


Alt doing just fine 1000-1500 cups with 4^3 just sayin :slight_smile:

Not sure that account will ever get a max level 70 at this rate.

The war is difficult

There is absolutely ZERO point to raiding other than the chests. Cups are meaningless. They don’t do anything for your alliance or you. I keep my cups as close to zero as possible to make it easy to raid and get my 2 chests a day. Plus I can log in and just REVENGE everybody. They’re the easiest fights I have all day. My defense is a single 1* Aife. My alliance removed the cup requirement as a result of this strategy. While there are a lot of areas of this game that could use tweaks and improvements, this is one area that’s completely useless. Might as well just give me 2 free chests a day.


Yeah, it was the same for me not too long ago. No benefits, so why struggle?
Keep it low and win easily 2 chests.

Now that i can keep a good rate thats not the case anymore. It’s like… status quo.
You respect and be respected by other good players, looks shiny in the eyes of newbe and try to be recruited by the better alliances.

So no material benefits indeed, but really good ego improvement.

As long as cup requirements are an option for alliances, I don’t want to totally bomb my cups. They should have team power requirements instead.


The alliance score is made up of trophies and titan wins so unless this is changed trophies are still relevant to success in an alliance.

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I think that’s a difficult argument to sell unless you’re in a top 100 or whatever alliance, and even then it’d be really hard to convince me of all people on it.

For example I tagged my alt in just some random alliance just to experiment, the only remarkable feature is just how average the alliance is. Not awesome, not bad; not highly social but there’s some chatter; has killed a 7* so not a dazed and confused one but there’s zero management of this current titan which is heading towards an escape and that was predictable based on their last titan performance… and their alliance score is 80k: i.e., not in the top 100, and therefore unranked. Average.

It’s one thing if you’re in the top 10, my main plays below what I could play at cup-wise and I’ve taken some crap for it in a top 10 alliance according to the leaderboard for the past few weeks, but cups just don’t have much intrinsic value to the game and the alliance argument is a difficult thing to convince membership of (titan score is way more important from an alliance scoring perspective) so even in the top handful of alliances, if you can tap the titan hard, cups are sorta /shrug.


There’s also zero point in alliance score or having a top 10 alliance other than bragging rights. I don’t know about other alliances but the average age of the player in my alliance is in the 40s and none of us care one iota about alliance rank. Now if there was a tangible benefit like extra chests or higher drop rate or some such, then sure, but just to be able to claim the largest e-peen size is a stupid reason to make it harder on yourself to get those 2 chests a day.


We use cups/trophies to confirm skill and dedication of players coming in. Once in, they are permitted to play the Drop Cups game and run up and down the score ladder for personal wins in the Raid Dept.

Cups matter…kinda.


Keep your watchtower on a low level and you may not be raided as often but since you’ve already levelled up then try and keep your watchtower empty of materials and then people won’t bother raiding you as much. The raid opponent is based on the amount of cups you have. Keep your cups low, make your defence team weak and then when people raid you and you go for revenge switch to your best team and kick some butt.

The loot is a lot better at the higher trophie levels … platinum and diamond chests give you better loot, and even ascension items.