Raids intro showing wrong team

When I look for raids my team 3 is up, but when I start the raid my team 1 is used.

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Are you editing your team before raiding, by chance?

When it showed the wrong team up, I switched it out with the one I wanted, but then the team I took out and moved up to the first team showed up in the raid. I’m lucky I won the raid with a team 600 power lower.

If you hit edit team and then swipe left/right to a different slot, it won’t change which team slot is selected for battle. If you swipe left/right to the slot you want and then hit edit team, you will be editing the team you’ll take into battle. Is that possibly what happened to you?

No. Its a glitch. When I click the raid link, my team 3 is up instead of team 1. But when I actually start the raid, my team 1 goes in.

When I click edit and scroll over to team 1, and click apply, team 3 still shows. I’m just praying team 3 isn’t the team everyone gets to revenge or attack when I’m offline.Which would explain the 500 trophies I’m down since the upgrade.

That’s the wrong order. You need to scroll first, then click edit.

Also, your defense team is changed by clicking the “defense team” button on one of your teams. It should have nothing to do with which slot you pick. As long as you have that button selected for the team you want to defend with, you should be fine.

I just put the same team in slots 1 and 3 until they fix this.

This is the expected behavior. What I’m telling you is, if you scroll first, and then edit second, the team you scrolled to should be up instead.

The defense button was unchecked. Never knew what that button was for. Thanks. Its fixed.

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Excellent! Hopefully, your cups will hold up a lot better tonight. Best of luck!

Thank you very much.

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