Raids - huge iron loss?

Hoping someone could explain.

I’m desperate for iron. Spent all mine. I’m in gold tier and been raiding for iron. I can only find target around 10-14k iron per hit.

So woke up this morning and I was hit 5 times at 35k iron a pop. I only have about 200k in the bank. Lol.

Oh and revenge shows I will only get like 9k or equivalent. Plus side question, revenge uses flags?

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The stolen iron comes from your watchtower, every attacker gets the same maximum amount of resources from it until you would enter the game once again.

They does.


Ok thanks. How come ii cant find raids for that much iron?

Many people clear their watchtowers regularly to avoid this issue. Also, if you clear your watchtower last thing before logging out, you won’t lose any food or iron from fights during the time you’re logged out.


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