Raids...How are these odds determined?!

Raids seem to be not working in my favor. If I am to believe the amount winnable, versus what I would lose if I lost, and pick battles highly skewed in my favor, I should be winning a lot more than I do. The heroes that pop up in some of these battles are waaaaaaay too strong for my level. But if won, I would get…15 cups?! One hit, and all my heroes are dead, and there goes 47 cups. What?! Is anyone else having this issue?

Cups are based on the comparision of total cups at the time of rolling the enemy.

If you and them have equal cups it is a +30 / -30 situation

If they have lots more cups than you, it becomes something like +42 / -19

If you have lots more cups than them, it becomes something like +19 / -42

You can roll (via the find enemy or “reroll” buttons) enemies who are + / - 300 cups from your current level. You can revenge anyone tho who has raided you previously.


I guess I was looking at it like, if a small amount of cups are the prize, it should be fairly easy to win. But then I’ll do that raid, and there is some weird, rare hero…and immediately I’ve lost way more cups than I could’ve won. It just seems odd.

Cups aren’t a metric of “diculty” of the enemy you’ll face. That’s better measured by the “team power” but even that is just a calculation & not really indicitive of how well the heroes synergise with each otehr.

In terms of immediately losing, it’s likely that there are aspects of your raiding that could be improved ranging from the heroes used, opponents selected, matches & playstyle employed in battle etc…


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