Raids hero's mana

How on earth in my 1st 2 moves dose slow mana kunchen get too heal, then heal every 2 or 3 moves after tht, 3 raids in a raw, lost because of this

How many tiles did you hit Kunchen with? If there’s a cascade into him, he’s going to get to fire really early in the fight.

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I made 2 moves only, and he healed, so I went dwn the outside not hitting him with nxt 2 moves and he healed

Is there any heal over time on your opponent? like Tarlak or Aeron ?

Was kunchen in 3 raids, none of them hero’s mentioned whr in, iv done 12 raids today, with different slow mana hero’s, all have gone off every 2 or 3 moves, yet my fast mana is taking 3/5 moves too get one

This was happening afew month ago aswell whr slow mana whr out doing all my fast mana heros

Can you take some video and upload it to somewhere like YouTube?

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