Raids flee button


I know everybody has issues with raiding. My biggest problem is this. I dont mind going against larger teams power , thats fine! But as setup now if lose, you lose many trophies vs the win trophies. I can deal with this. But if you know your not going to win and hit the flee button you still lose the full amount of trophies. Shouldnt this just be a smaller percentage? Maybe -10 for a flee.


When you are on the loosing road, you can hit the flee button any time. If it would cost less cups, nobody would fight till the end. In my opinion it is absolutely fair to loose the same amount of cups.


Yeah, this makes no sense. You either win or you don’t, you shouldn’t get off lightly by fleeing.

If you’re in a check mate position, i.e the defence is about to unleash an attack that is already predetermined to finish off what’s left of your team, then the flee button doesn’t work. As long as the flee button is active, keep fighting. I’ve won many raids where logic says I should have been wiped out.


Also, consider it from a defending point of view. When you check your watch tower and see +10 trophies for a defence, it’s gonna annoy you to know that you’ve been jipped out of maybe 40 more trophies just because the other player realised that they couldn’t beat you. Especially if they rematch and take a bunch off you afterwards.


I dont agree if your only 4 hits in and already lost 3 heros the odds arent there to win so hit the flee button it wasnt fair to begin with. This just make it so you reroll for lesser power teams instead of trying for bigger.


You’re the one making those moves, my man.
If you’re losing 3 heroes within the first 4 rounds, you were obviously nowhere near strong enough to take that other team on, and no one forced you to start that fight.


So what you folks are telling me I should just sandbag weaker players just for the trophies. Thats messed up!


My point is why have the flee button if your gonna lose the full amount tropies anyways


What? Are you mental? What I’m saying is don’t look for fights with teams that are strong enough to wipe you out in a couple of turns thinking “I’ll either win and take loads of his trophies, or lose and keep my own”

By all means, if you roll teams weaker than yours then take their trophies. The flee button is just to speed up the process if you’ve already decided you’re not gonna win. It’s a raid, a conscious decision you’ve made to try and attack their base to take their loot. The defending team doesn’t gain resources either way. All they can do is hold you off. If you flee, it’s you who failed your objective and takes the punishment.


Im saying why bother with a flee button just to speed up your demise. Nothing about this game says speed lol. Im just saying, if your gonna have a flee button put like a 10 sec timer on it and if used make it like a 10 trophy loss.


I don’t know how you’re still not getting this…

If you flee, you have failed. No different to your heroes getting killed. Finito. Done. That is it. Bye bye trophies.


No point on loose less cups when you flee, timer or not.
It is pretty sure that the majority of people use that strategically to save some cups on a pretty sure defeat.

It just spare you the sight of your team totally annihilated, thats it.
No brainer.


The game informs a raider how many cups they will win or lose in advance if they attack. If they use the Flee button then they lose the raid, so they lose that many cups.



Your opponent has two riposters and a hero that triples his entire teams damage. You have no dispeller. You also have a 2^60 who’s gonna struggle to take a hit, and has a low attack value.


Based on just what I can see, with no idea about your other heroes available:

The very first thing I discovered with my first 5* was that the listed power level and actual hero effectiveness are not related. My personal experience is that it’s unwise to use a 4* or 5* against leveled opponents before leveling them to about the middle of their level range after ascending them twice.
Your Marjana isn’t ready for prime time IMO, and Joon is only just barely there. A decently leveled 4* is better than a partly leveled 5* in real effectiveness.
Second, you went up against two heroes with Riposte without bringing along a dispeller. Bad idea. Even with one that’s a fight I’d be cautious about if I didn’t have a significant power advantage.
Third, your most leveled hero used here is a slow area of effect hero. Using his special in the face of multiple Riposte is quick suicide.
Fourth, Rigard is tanky, but his special is wasted in many ways if you’re not facing heroes who don’t have debuff effects on your party. Sabina or Melendor would be better alternatives as healers if you have them.