Raids feels little unfair

Raids are rigged. Grimm hits Magni at 966hp and wiped me out with 1 hit ???
Raids are ridiculously unfair.
Please look into this!!

Concerned player indeed!

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What troops were involved? Was the attack buffed? Was your defence debuffed? Were any minions in play? What were you wearing when this happened?


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They’re not rigged.

Magni is a glass cannon, his defense is lacking by a lot. if Grimm had solid troops/buff or Magni had -def buff it’s entirely possible for him to be 1 hitted.

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Can’t have been a one-shot unless your Magni wasn’t at max level. At max level, Magni has 1334 hp. If your Magni is 2/60 or 3/70, then you should expect to be a bit weaker than a maxed 4*. If, instead, you were max level but only at 60-70% health, then yeah, Grimm might legit finish Magni off with his special.

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Lol, I do have Magni in my attack & defense team, maxed he has something like 597 armor wich is TERRIBLE.

Grimm’s attack is pretty decent.

Good attack on crappy def = bye bye.

It still takes an almost perfect shot to one-shot Magni. I just ran the math, and max damage from a Grimm on defense to Magni is 1404. That said, his special is going to sting a lot if it goes off.

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Didn’t say that Magni was a bad heroes at all, I play it !

Just that his armor is really bad so he’s squichy as hell :stuck_out_tongue:

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A 4.80 Magni have more than 966 hp.

What were the level of your Magni and his Grimm?
What about ATK & DEF modifiers as troops and buffs/debuffs?

I have a feeling that Magni was already hit by Grimm with a debuff earlier in the round since his hp is at 966 (assuming he was a full health).

Just that he got hit again when debuff was on = bye bye :rofl:

Check this out…

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