Raids: fair or unfair?

The raids have nothing to do with tactics, but as attackers you need luck. The attacks of the opponent are always charged quickly, as their own attacks. The raids are not fun for me

I dont know how long you have been playing. but you are sooooo wrong.
If you werent how comes a large number of Raiders win more matches than they loose ?

Please read one of the many available raid guides in this forum to improve your raiding skill and gain more joy out of this game. :smile:

Wish you best of luck.


@Killjoyz There is no 45/18 cup ratio… sum is always 61… unless you are perfectly equal with your opponent and then cup ratio is 30/30 so sum will be 60 in this case.

Oh, raids have a lot to do with tactics and strategies, believe me… luck is welcomed of course, but no amount of luck will keep the enemy’s mana bar from filling up… a good set of heroes that work together as a real team just might do that… or take advantage of that, which is even better.

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This is what I call unfair, they took 44 raid points from me when there’s no way I could possibly beat them hence the +59/-2 in the revenge column! (Besides the fact that the site won’t let me post the -44 pic, which I’ll get to in a second)
The raid algorithm got worse not better with the update
Also This is very frustrating
how come when new users come here for help or advice or bugs they can’t start a new thread or post more than one picture
I get probation for first time or repeat offenders I don’t get limitations on ppl who like the game and seriously are trying to point out things the developers should be aware of but have done nothing to deserve the silence that is imposed upon them by the developers it just feels so unbalanced

The problem here isn’t with the raid algorithm. You just got hit by a cup dropper. What happened to you is exactly why lots of people really dislike cup droppers.

As far as the limitations on posting, it’s a feature of the Discourse forum platform rather than something Small Giant imposed. But it goes away pretty quickly if you just do a bit of reading. Getting to “Basic User” trust level requires:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

So if you just poke around the forums a little bit, the restrictions should go away.

I beg to differ. :smile:

Give me a Proteus and lots of purple mana and my enemys manabar will not fill up. :smile: :smile:

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Proteus rocks! Not only does he stop mana generation allowing you to ghost missing color tiles, but also by-passes defense and counterattack. I’ll have it maxed soon.

No — the cup algorithm thing is wrong i just fought some one and before the fight it said if I lost it would be minus ten but then it was actually -25. I didn’t take a picture of the before one so idk if it matters if I include a pic or not.

Was this raid the first thing you did after logging in? If so it might be possible that one or more other players were already in the process of raiding you (raids that your defense team appears to have one by the way) so when your raid concluded and the system resolved the cup reward your cup count had changed relative to your opponent. It could also be that your opponent was simultaneously being raided by someone else, who beat them before your raid concluded, again changing the relative cup differential between you and your opponent. I’m just throwing out a possible scenario that I can see might explain the change, I have no real knowledge of how and when the rewards for a given raid are actually calculated, nor if simultaneous raids are even possible.

10 cups on loss suddenly becoming 25 cups on a loss just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m having trouble imagining how it could happen.

A 10 cup loss on a fight means your opponent had 283 cups more than you when you started to fight—so likely a much stronger opponent. A 25 cup loss means your opponent only had 63 cups more than you–likely a fairly even fight. There’s essentially no way for someone in the 1000 cup range to lose 220 cups over the course of a few minute fight. So even if there was a bug where they didn’t lock down the cup delta at fight start, it shouldn’t result in a swing that big. I suspect there’s very little the developers are going to be able to do without a picture.

  1. Do we in fact know that the cup difference is “locked” at the beginning of the fight?
  2. Anecdotally, I have encountered this phenomenon on occasion. Certainly not a common thing but it has happened.
  3. I honestly think that it would be a bit unreasonable for developers to simply dismiss the report because the reporting player didn’t take before and after screenshots, which would have to be done for of every raid a player engages in because the issue doesn’t seem to occur often and there doesn’t appear to be any way of predicting it. However, when something like this happens it should be reported as a bug in the appropriate place rather than just mentioned in a long general discussion thread.

[quote=“Anaea, post:828, topic:86”]o we in fact know that the cup difference is “locked” at the beginning of the fight?

I’ve seen the cup rewards change enough by the end of a fight to “know” that cups are not locked at the beginning of a raid. I also, when I see that someone has failed an attack on my Keep, I routinely take a peek at my watchtower and clear it out while they attempt their next attack. They get zero materials.

I’m not offering an opinion on whether they lock in cups. I’m saying that there’s no logical way someone shed 283 cups while another raid was ongoing.

If they’re even-cups matches, you stand to lose 30 cups a match. That means losing 10 straight matches while a single other raid is in progress.

The maximum pairabe fight is a 300 cup delta, which loses you 51 cups per fight. That means losing 6 straight maximum-pairing-differential fights while a single other raid is in progress.

The maximum cup loss per fight is -60, and that’s with losing to someone 711+ cups lower than you. The algorithm won’t match you with someone 711 cups lower, so it would have to be a revenge raid. If we use this and cut the number of near-simutaneous losses to 5, that requires a person getting hit by 5 revenge raids, all at -700ish cups, over the space of a single other raid.

Unless you’re in the top 100, I doubt you get paired into 6-10 raids an hour, let alone in 5 minutes.

So no, my guess is without a starting point of where to look in the logs for such an error, the devs won’t be prioritizing resources to this. I could be wrong, of course. I’m not an SG employee, so I have no clue what they’d ultimately decide to do.

I completely agree, regarding the unfairness of raids. Prior to the new update i was alnost to 2700 cups. With a raid maybe once a week. Then the update came and suddenly i am raided 15-20 times a day maybe more. I am now down to 2300, cups and going down. I cannot win anything. Even exceedingly low raiders are killing me before i can even get a shot fired off. The strong team of 4125, that always won, cannot take even a simple 3500 team. The raider is firinf firing one right after another and im dead. Something definately has changed and not for ťhe better. This needs to be looked into. All of my and i mean everyone is saying the same thing. So many raids all of a sudden. And they cant beat them. Please check into this and make the raids at least fair for both sides. Thank you for taking the time to listen.

That post you are replying to is from May of 2017. As you can see, people have been complaining about raids off and on for quite a long time.

It’s not surprising that you’re getting raided a lot more after the update than you did before. Lots of fairly inactive players are suddenly getting back into the game, raiding, and checking things out with the new version. It’ll probably quiet back down a bit in a few weeks.

If you genuinely think there’s some bug that’s affecting you when you raid others, but isn’t affecting any of the 15+ people a day who are raiding you and are apparently able to win, I’d encourage you to take some video and make a bug report.

Pretty simple - if you want easier raids, make a weak defense team and your cup count will be low. This will mean you will be fighting weak teams really often.

If you want to climb higher in the rankings (mainly for the loot tiers), suck it up.

The algorithms used for this part of the game are way off. I’m constantly getting slaughtered by opponents several hundred points weaker than me. Whether i am on offense or defense.

You really can’t tell how strong or weak someone’s offense is, because you never get to see it. All you ever see is their defense.

There are several helpful guides out there for raiding. I’d recommend you read through them, and try out some of the ideas and suggestions. You’ll find that it is very possible to beat teams significantly stronger than yours with the right strategy and tactics.

The thing I’ve been wondering about is how well does the game aquit itself when the AI is basically suppose to be you? Does it go strictly by power of fighters or the team? Does it have a luck die? Does it attempt to mimic your play style at all? So many times I when I play a revenge, I easily kick people’s butts that beat me when they attacked me. Am I REALLY that much better of a player than the AI?

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