Raids: fair or unfair?

The button is “rematch,” and you get to do it twice! I’ve done this to try out different strategies against challenging setups, and to get a sense of vindication that I’m not that bad, I just had a bad board… :grin:

This was unfaired for attackers that life point are full every turn untilled were got to attack

The raids was unfaired that there were been cheated by someone to defect every the first match (that was not unluck).

How is that A raid Went From A 45/18 my favor, my win,
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with me getting the short end?

This person lost a 45/18 cup ratio but I was credited for 18… Why was that? And if this person get’s 45 after revenging me I’ll know this game is rigged for profits

I don’t understand what you are asking.

Hey Brobb.

Welcome back and a happy new year. :smile:

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On a win/loss ratio of 45/18, if you win, you get 45 cups, if they win, you lose those 18 cups, which they walk away with.

It’s quite simple.

They even color code it so you know which is win and loss: green is win, red is loss.


-50 (red) is a bad risk. I prefer +45 or higher (green) cups. That’s the ratio I’m looking for.

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@Killjoyz Could you explain this comment a little more? How would cup exchange ratios in raids have anything to do with SG’s making money?

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I only reroll when I need to fill a chest quickly, and the team has too many A level or higher fully maxed 5s. If I have time, I’ll even take those on.

it I like it when I get fewer cups. If I climb too high it becomes harder to fill the chest, and if I climb to the top 100 they crash down can be huge overnight. Bringing me far below my normal resting range. Not sure why that is, but I will have easily 3x the number of raids. More raids I get, 3x more and a drop below my normal resting I dont.

I rarely cup drop. I don’t chase raid chests. That would change my advice a whole lot. :wink:

I almost never cup drop…and when I do its for a few hours and not for revenge advantage, its to get back down to the 2600 range after using my initial 6 pushed me into the 2900 to 3K range, so I can fill the rest quickly when I get my next few flags back. But I do so very infrequently…not even once a month.

I dont have to cup drop.

My defense team is pathetic ( well if you cant play around riposte ) and I dont go for hi reward raids cupwise.

I just look at the teams and if I can beat them I attack. I win most of the time against teams of the same team power but less cups. :smile:

Somewhere in the 2000 to 2200 cups range.

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Look up, I’m sitting next to you. :grin:


Well…at least I got a Cademon and a Sabina maxed recently which gives me a few more options and would let me beat my own team a lot easyer.

Hope to visit your watchtower soon. :wink:

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The way raids are set up bites. Opponent based on cups, so cup droppers end up in your “range.” Very tired of seeing proposed matches with 5 lvl 70 4* or a mix of 70 4* and a few 5* vs my team which does not have a single level 70. These proposed opponents range from TS 100 to 500 higher than my team. So I’m forced to reroll and waste food. The stupid system ought to match based on TS instead of cups.

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TS is very misleading.

It seems you raid with non maxed 4*. How many of them do you have ?
For a long time I raided with 5 maxed 4* ( Kiril, Boril, Little John, Tiburtus and Chao )
I almost always attacked red tanks including Bold Tusk and learned a lot about raiding.

Once you get some heroes to choose from for your attack the raiding gets a lot more interesting.

Good luck.

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I have 1 4* 70 now. Offered raid opponents, several with fewer cups than I, often bring 2 or more 70s. It’s apparent that cup dropping is used and I can see why. I’m wasting a lot of ham looking for fair matches but most suggested opponents are stronger. I think I’ll start cup dropping. When it takes 2 flasks to fill a chest the annoyance factor rises.

And another one lost to the dark side. :wink:

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@Anaea is running a data project on that, and it sure looks like the raid system has a built-in bias to match you against higher-cup opponents. So… Yeah. Not sure why they’re doing it, but it definitely is annoying when you’re low on ham.

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