Raids: fair or unfair?


Curious…Why not simply remove your defense team and consciously choose not to raid? Oh well, best of luck to you in your future gaming endeavors, We’ll (most of us anyway) be busy enjoying ourselves here…:wink:


@Bertus wrote, hands down, one of the best posts I’ve read regarding raiding. Nice Job!!


True. And what’s more, I still have very few leveled heroes with straight attacks as their special abilities, so I’m largely depending on the tiles. This makes the chance of actually killing another hero with the tank still in place minimal. This situation is changing fast though. Actually in the set up that I used in this specific raid, I probably should have replaced Belith by Tyrum.


One more thing to check a potential enemy team on. I remember that I saw no other healers in the team and actually thought this would increase my chances :joy:


Greymane is 3*, so he was already completely leveled :wink:. Boldtusk was 4-6, with I believe ‘only’ 9xx HP and 6xx defence, which is why I thought I could handle him with a little luck. I didn’t have anymore leveled blue, although Gunnar is half way at this moment. Karil will probably be the next blue hero I’ll level. If I received him earlier than Gunnar, I probably would have given him the priority. Either way, thanks a million for your analysis and your advice!


Example of two “fair” raid boards:

And combo paradox


I personally hate raids! Completely unreasonable and not fair. Fair would be to play against another persom while they are online on 1 board!! Now we are playing against AI / computer / RNG whatever!
How can the opponent miraculously always mana up before you. How come you can only do 1 move at a time, then you know your game is over.

Change raids completely!! Player Vs Player on 1 board. Keep your raids and useless chest and trophies. We are already have AW which is ANOTHER raid version including enemy raid bar!

I simply stopped raiding and couldnt care about trophy counts.


This sounds like it would make a really fun additional mode. Each player using the same game board introduces all kinds of new strategies on the puzzle side like blocking potential combos for your opponent instead of always going for the highest combo. It’s a great idea that can coexist with current raids rather than replacing them, though.


The raids are really a joke! Most of you mention it and it annoyed really! How is it possible I have team power 2600 and the opponent 1850 and I even can not get my heros full the mana and they shot all my 4* heroes to death??? I match 4 times green tiles and I can’t get my hero dulled with mana (one of the match is 4 tiles) I even try 3 times (rematch) and lost all! How is that possible? I know that the deva want you to pay for the game but pleas ; not that obvious!

I don’t mind spending few dollars for the game every week if (if I like it) but it starts to get really nerving… Even for the 4* ascending materials are really hard to find. I need orb and for 1 so far (for 3 months!) but today I see offer they sell it for 500 gems!

I think they’re making the point: P2W and not other way round (F2P)

I think the SG needs to do something in. Real for make it again more fun and worth to play.


I like the idea too. Since real-time PvP can add several problems to a game that doesn’t already implement it in any way (the closest feature being AW), a simple testing can be done in world stages, where you do that against the AI. For example, the towers at the end of provinces guarded by a player that you had to raid, just make that raid not necessarily against the team of a human player and let the fight take place using the same board by both sides (ofc AI would need a bit of improvement :slight_smile:).

But this would completely change the tactics:
If you stack a couple of purple against a yellow tank and you get more yellow tiles than purple, not only your attack will be less effective, but those yellow tiles can be used by the enemy team at his advantage. So you might decide to stop stacking with the strong color because risks related to bad boards grow exponentially. On the other hand, blowing diamonds of your weak color will not only give you better chances to get the tiles you need, but will also remove the tiles your enemy needs. And what about making a diamond when it can be used by the opponent on his very next turn?
A completely different game


Just a casual remark that is absolutely not meant to restart this whole discussion, but have you ever noticed how when you lose a raid the text “LOST” (I suppose it will say in the English version) is there for far longer than the text “WON” When you win it? Weird isn’t it. I was thinking of your quoted remark when I found out that it’s actually there for at least double as long.


They are trying to rub it in…:neutral_face::wink:

On a serious note, I’ve never noticed this before but you can bet I’ll check. Later, Frosty


People keep saying “you don’t have to raid” but you do. If you don’t you literally just end up getting attacked for resources and need to either revenge raid or reroll to get supplies back.

My biggest bug bear about the raid system, is how there are no rules on what you can your line up, and if you have the right heroes with the right abilities it is possible to create a team that is just impossible to defeat using health regenerators and counterattackers. I’ve just played against someone 300 points lower than me who absolutely wiped the floor with me because with the combination of counterattack on his tank and two healers either side of that, unless i got EXTREMELY lucky with tile combos, there is not a chance in hell i can do enough damage with tiles or build up my own mana without building up at least one of those 3 heroes on the enemy team first. It’s just impossible to do.

Most games would have some rule or limitation in place because of unbalanced possibilities like this but they fon’t seem to have considered it here.


Did you use a dispeller?

Who else was on your team?


No dispeller, in all the heroes ive gotten, i never once had one with that ability.


I would avoid Boril and Cyprian then, and probably Kashhrek.

I certainly did. With my TC 10 I got Belith and Tyrum, then Caedmon with TC 13.

Sometimes you have to patiently wait for the right tool for the job.


I’m just getting disheartened with the game and it’s starting to put me off the idea of continuing, it’s seemingly platea’d to the point where i’d have to start spending gargantuan amounts of money to just be close to competing with many of the players i’ve come up against or surpass the levels I’ve reached.

The game literally feels like I’ve reached a bouncer in the path with ‘P2W’ tattooed on his forehead demanding money to pass. It’s no longer becoming fun.


You don’t even have a single dispeller yet, and you already think you’ve reached a plateau? Hmm.

Get those training camps running and get a dispeller (they’re common and easy to get). Then get your training camps to level 20. Then get a full team of 5* heroes. Then we can start talking about a paywall.


To be quite honest, I can’t think of any other reason. In general people will already know they’ve just lost, no need to emphasise it. Maybe they’re hoping that it will seduce people to spent (more) money on getting stronger heroes? Or to get that specific hero of which you just know that if you only had him or her it would make all the difference? It’s a bit of a guessing game of course, but anyway, this was mostly meant as a curiosity kind of thing. :wink:


Which heros are dispellers? I have menendor he removes buffs from the heros on the other team not the ones on my team, still not sure how that works.