Raids: fair or unfair?


If you genuinely believe that you “consistently get a layout of tiles that mean you cannot do any decent damage to the opposing team”, please:

  1. Explain what SG’s incentive would be to make raids harder for the attacker.
  2. Explain why, in that case, they provide the attacker with so many advantages (selecting opponents, tailoring the attack team, ghosting tiles). Wouldn’t it be easier for them to remove some of these huge advantages than to engineer a complicated tile bias algorithm?
  3. Figure out how to measure the board problems you claim to see. (Do you think fewer matches are available than you would expect? How many would you expect? Why? How many do you actually see?)
  4. Measure those boards. Report the results.

Or you could just continue to grumble about the boards being biased against you, without considering how silly the idea is. That would work, too.


In fairness, I’ve had days with board after board seemingly designed to make my raids impossible to win, with the exact wrong colors consistently coming up both in the initial board and in the new tiles that came up as I desperately tried to clear the duds out and get something useable.
OTOH, I also have had similar but opposite golden streaks where everything consistently went my way, with rolling cascades in my strong colors annihilating the other team, for board after board. These are sadly much less memorable because they don’t last as long since they are over so much more quickly.
Best bet when having a genuine bad streak IMO is to go do something else for a while and come back in an hour or two when maybe the RNG is feeling a little less tetchy.


Lol I love the responses to the people who complain about raids the truth is they suck and for those of you who defend them why don’t you find a resolve to the problem why don’t you share some of your wisdom with the rest of us tell us how much money you give SG and let’s see if there really isn’t any bias to this game cause based on what I’ve seen and how my raids go it’s definitely a biased system with the internet to do nothing more than to try and suck cash from lower spending players to try and compete when it takes 2 days to fill your chest and only gain a few cups just to open the app again and see you lost 400 within hours then spend weeks trying to get them all back just to have them all stolen again it’s a biased system and it’s a failure it’s a big POS


I thinks raid boards are based upon team power. You get too high you get a streak of bad. You get too low, you get a streak of good. When you are about where you should beit is hit or miss whether you get a good board or bad. I also wouldnt put it past SG to utilize these bad boards to get people pissed off so they utilize flasks which would be a monetary incentive to SG. Just my opinion.


Because I wouldn’t be defending them if I saw a problem with them, perhaps?

There are many threads on raid tips and tricks. Here’s a few:

My standard raiding team is Tiburtus - Sonya - Boldtusk - Chao - Little John. I got them all from TC13 without spending a dime, and I can raid into low Diamond tier using just them. Is it difficult to do so? Yes it is, but that’s why I like it so much. I like the challenge. :slightly_smiling_face:


£2.99 is how much money I have given SG. I’ve been ranked top three times this year, back when I fought for places, am in the top 100 every day, and stumble into the top 10 or 20 most weeks without trying.

Why do you ask? Did you believe the answer would somehow prove something? What? How? This is very shaggy thinking.

Then you are doing it wrong. Attackers have massive advantages. If you can’t win 60 or 70% of your attacking raids then the problem isn’t your boards, it’s you.


Let’s beat this stinky, decaying, rotten horse carcass one more time. And no kid gloves this time. What on God’s green earth are you people talking about? Unfair? Fixed? Gimme a break! The attacker holds almost every possible advantage from choosing attackers against a ‘set’ team to having the intelligence to make ‘human’ moves that actually make sense to which raids to ACTUALLY take.

It is so easy to raid above your ‘team power’ rating that it borders on sheer absurdity to complain about how ‘hard’ raids are. Then these same folks want to cry when they drop 200 cups while offline. Let’s stay with this line of thinking for a minute and figure out why. Uh, perhaps raids favor the HUMAN ATTACKER and that’s why the cups gained (through attacking) are then lost when the AI (a term we should use very loosely) runs your defense. It all seems pretty self-evident. I don’t know why some people can’t seem to get the hang of raiding, but it CERTAINLY isn’t some mischievous programming voodoo conducted by the good developers at Small Giant. If that’s really what y’all think, why doesnt ‘it’ affect everyone? And why are you playing a game that you think is mysteriously working against you? Ridiculous :roll_eyes:

Normally, I would apologize for being so harsh, but all this same nonsense is really getting old. Perhaps gaining better raiding skills would help. Perhaps not.


Can’t say it much better than that. Amen.


Okay then, if i’m so dumb, tell me how I’m supposed to defeat someone who has a counterattack as a tank and 2 healers in the team? How isit possible to defeat a team that literally regenerates back up to full strength before i’ve even gotten a single hero of mine up enough mana to make an attack? How can a team be that powerful? Because that’s pretty much the teams i’ve been coming up against since hitting about 850 on he chart?


Triple up on the strong colour against the tank.
Try and take him out before the special fires.
If it does fire- make sure you have a debuffer on your team (Sabina, melandor, belith…) This removes the riposte


Riposte is tough until you get an attack-debuffer as mentioned.

In addition to the above, Caedmon, Sonya and Tyrum will also do the job.

If you don’t want to fight a riposte tank, re-roll.

If you want to get a dispelled hero, patiently build up your base and build a TC10 and above, which is completely free.

I agree with @badassninjadad, @brobb and @lexinen. The attacker has all the advantages other than a rare unplayable board.

Read the guides, if you apply their lessons, you will succeed and, at a minimum, enjoy the game more because you will understand the mechanism.

And FYI I’ve paid £2.99 less than @Brobb; in 5 months I’ve got two rainbow teams of 4*, most at top ascension and a TC20 giving me a chance of more 4* and 5*.

If you want specific advice on how to arrange your team, post the details and you will get loads of help.

Are you in an active alliance? These are the best way to get bespoke advice and progress by getting extra ascension materials from titans and wars.

We have spaces at Guardians Ascending if you are looking, but there are dozens of teaching alliances available.

Raids are just a complete whatever you want to call it

It also depends how much @Ahdvd can afford to reroll, and whether they have a dispeller and whatnot, it’s not that easy breaking into raiding, especially before you settle in your spot. As a new player I felt for a long time that i was matched way out of my league. And it will still happen because of the cup range, and how much people can drop when they are offline.

You need to learn the different heroes, learn to work with what YOU have today, and learn which enemies you have to take out first. Other people can tell you, but even then people will disagree on who the biggest threat is on an enemy team. If you continue to struggle, then I recommend recording your raids and watching them later, and seeing what you could have done differently.

Also, try to raid without worrying about the outcome. Tell yourself you don’t care. Yeah, it’s good to win because you get resources, but to fill your hero chest you don’t need to win, you need to kill x heroes. You focus on one enemy hero at a time.


But how can you double up on the oppositte colour? If you don’t have a hero of a colour on the board then the tiles you triple of that colour cause zero damage. So that makes no sense?

Also, a despeller (i’ve never had one that i’ve noticed so far) presumably despells as their magical ability? Well, as I said earlier, I’m ending up being beaten before I can even get any of my heroes mana built up in the first place. It seems amazingly unbalanced how quickly the AI heroes gain mana compared to how our heroes gain mana.


If you omit a colour from your team then you get no points for tiles of that colour, you are correct. However, if you are especially concerned about the danger of your opponent’s tank, doubling up on its weak colour may make sense.

You get double points for all tile hits in a hero’s weak colour. So if you then double your heroes in that colour, you will effectively score four times normal damage against heroes weak to that colour (assuming your second hero and troops are the same strength as your first). This may give you the opportunity to kill the tank that bothers you so much before its special even goes off. With the tank gone, presumably you will be able to mop up the remaining heroes with the benefit of ghosting, even hampered by not having one colour.

This tactic is not without risk - you will lose a lot of raids when boards are heavy with your missing colour. But you will beat a lot of teams that are stronger than you, and it is an especially effective way of playing to make the most of the heroes you have. Most players are heavy in one colour before they collect a rainbow team - I collected two 4* red heroes before I collected even one 4* purple hero, for example, so I would omit purple entirely and seek out opponents with green tanks.

It’s also worth noting that:

  1. To a large extent you control how fast your opponent’s mana builds - the more you hit them with tiles, the faster it grows. Learning to manage this is an important skill.
  2. Dispelling heroes are common (Sonya, Caedmon, Sabina, Melendor, from memory). If you don’t already have one then I’m sure you’ll train one soon (TC13). In the meantime, either avoid tanks with problematic specials or figure out how to use your own specials to beat them.

The forum contains a treasure trove of information about this and other raid tactics - all you need to do is read it. Raiding is the best part of the game, imho. Attackers have vast advantages that enable them to beat defending teams much stronger than they are. Learn how to make the most of this.


Sorry but that just doesn’t work for me. I already tried changing team line ups to match what you said, it results in me being killed EVEN FASTER!

And as for not building up their mana - this is impossible as the game then decides when i’ve played the least damaging move i can, to start throwing in new tiles that make more combos to hit the EXACT hero i was trying to avoid. You can understand how I think the game is rigged, eh?


@Brobb, I think you dispense great advice that is easy to understand, but do you ever feel as if youre beating your head against a brick wall? :thinking: I wish you an excellent day/night. Take care. I love the mustachioed cat, btw.


You’re telling everyone it doesn’t work for you. If you actually want to succeed, please confirm that you have read the suggested articles and please list your exact list of heroes.

It would help if you gave details of a team you recently lost to.

The colour stacking method is tried and tested by 100s of players and four or five experienced forum contributors are saying it works.

There is no formula for 100% win rate; there is a system for steady progress and effective use of your team.


Just an observation, didn’t even read the entire thing yet, but… this is absolutely untrue in the lower regions. My team is at 2600 TP right now. I have a team which is incredibly dependant on luck as established earlier. This would imply that I’ll lose quite a number of raids against stronger teams, but would win a substantial amount of them as well. But if I’m to beat any team over, let’s say, 2800-2850 TP, I need an incredible amount of luck. I need at least a real steady flow of my strong colour and that rarely happens of course. The special abilities of all those 4* and 5* heroes are devastating to a team of my caliber.

Also, at our level we simply don’t have the heroes to just triple up on any colour we want. In fact the only choice I had until recently, is to triple or double my strong colour, nothing else. That’s right, I didn’t even have the choice not to at least double it.

I think that a very important conclusion can be reached here: raiding is totally different for those on our level, then for people in the higher regions.


Here’s another thing. Choosing a good opponent is, indeed, a major factor of your strategy. But do you have any idea how often I re-roll? I haven’t counted yet, but I think on average 15 to 20 times per single raid. I take on enemies of which I know I shouldn’t, because after 30 or 40 times I get tired of re-rolling. There have been times that I had to stop raiding, simply because I ran out of food.

So again, it seems that things are different for the ‘little guys’ in the game.


A small addition. Of course I can triple up if I where to use 1* or 2* heroes for it or even not-upgraded 3* heroes since recently. But then they definitely will get killed even faster, as ahdvd says.