Raids: fair or unfair?


Please don’t waste Tabards on Quintus until you have given the game a chance to give you something soooo much better! :wink:


Ok, this consistently happens. After waking up to a 150 to 200 cup drop overnight, I start to fill the raid box and the first one or two raids are against teams close to the same power. After that, it’s all as you’ve seen above. Even if I reroll, it’s 4050 to 4200 power teams against my 3774 team. Then, after losing enough raid flags, I finally get a match up that’s close to the same power and get 12 cups?

There must be a better way to determine raid match ups. Yes, I do win against some of the over 4000 power teams I’m matched up against, but that’s only because the AI is terrible for them. If there were an actual person running that team, I’d be toast.


But it’s not an actual person running those teams - it’s dumb AI. That’s one of the key ‘attacker’s advantages’.

Another key attacker’s advantage: you don’t have to fight any of the teams suggested. You can do exactly as you have been doing, and skip every opponent until you find one you like. It costs a little food, of course - but that’s a small price to pay for victory.

Yet another key attacker’s advantage: when you have found a team you want to pick on, you can tailor your team to defeat it. Want to double up on their tank’s weak colour? Not always a great idea, but you can if you want. Worried about one of their specials buffing them? Include a fast debuffer. Concerned about the gender balance of the encounter? Even things up with your team.

And finally, as an attacker you get the benefit of ghosting tiles to rapidly charge your specials when you have chewed a single hole in the defence. Makes things pretty easy, really.

So overall I’m going to say that your complaints about raid matching don’t hold water. Your cup total tells us that you are skilled at raiding and are capable of competing with teams that are more powerful than yours - if you were useless you would get much easier matches, but in those circumstances you ought to be unhappy because they would signal your incompetence.

Embrace your skill, accept the challenge and have a go. I think you’ll find that eating a few losses against tough teams will teach you some lessons that make you even more powerful - and it seems like you’re already pretty good.


Ok, you made me laugh. All valid points. I don’t skip opponents. I know I can and I’m not worried about losing a little bit of food. I just like to take what I’m dealt and see what I can do with it. I Think you are right though. There is enough adjusting for the lowest common denominator already. I guess I’ll just keep plugging along and keep some ham/iron handy for when the real person behind those 4100 teams decides its time for a little revenge.


As I said above, I’m 85% win rate on raids. That’s not because I won 85% of the raids I’m offered, but because I win 85% of the raids I take.


Tragically, calling someone a “moron” does not qualify as an argument. That sort of nonsense, when unsupported by any attempt at an intelligent contribution to the conversation, is usually an indictment of the name caller.


Actually, I consider the beginning of name calling the end of the conversation and also where the person realizes at some level that they have lost the argument.


Feel free to make your case, if you feel I’ve said something foolish. I often do and many forum contributors are very adept at demonstrating that I have. They do so by explaining the flaws in my reasoning and constructing their own case using logic and evidence. Often. they change my mind.

They don’t do so by name calling, however. If name calling is involved, it’s usually creative and intriguing - the cherry on top of their argument sundae.

What you’ve offered is just sort of weak.


So…you necro a 2 month old thread simply to call someone a “moron”… alright, seems like a quality post, carry on.


Hi, I think you will need to keep everything moving. If you don’t upgrade your mines, you will not have enough iron to build stronghold 20. Similarly you should try to max everything you have. It takes a long time to build everything up, but you will run short of iron if you rely on your raids alone.
My opinion only!
Keep working at it! :slight_smile:


I’m currently using a team that is over 3100. Lately I’ve noticed that all of the enemy mana goes up when only one of them attacks. I have been steadily losing on much lower ranked teams after a long period of steadily winning. So I like the concept of raids but I think it is skewed to allow those who are raided to get mana faster.


like whales or not, it’s NOT fair. The game depends on your level for the prizes, it forces you to grow in trophies if you want to progress or you go, but everything is paid here and, as soon as 1100 you find rivals of 5 *, bought with money and uploaded with money real. It is impossible and, as I say, it is essential to progress.


CThe mana mechanics for raids are not parallel between the sides.

Offense (you) gain mana from tiles that you match. Double credit for this tiles that don’t hit a foe (ghosted tiles).

Defense gains mana when hit, plus a tick each round. The mana when hit is lower for each round of a cascade, so that you don’t necessarily charge up everyone with a big combo.

You should be able to win a majority of raids, choosing what you want to fight carefully. If you’re having trouble, please post your team and what other heroes you have available.


I’m completely F2P player and have only one 5* maxed. But a good bench of 4* maxed.
And with these 4*, you can win against almost everything with normal boards.

Two days ago, I was exceptionaly high with 2500 trophies and the game offered me Zero as opponent (he was exceptionaly “low” with 2700 trophies).
My son said : attack !
I did it… and won !
OK, it was a lucky board, but despite his 4235 TP, four 4* and one 5* killed him.
Learn to use your heroes, learn to use the puzzle, and everything is possible when you’re the attacker…


I recall the first time I happened to face down Zero’s team and it was a while ago. I did win that match up and posted the video in my alliance Line chat. One of the members said, “You beat Zero!” I replied, “Well, the board beat Zero, but I happened to have a team of heroes on the field when it occurred.”


I agree! Only SG beats Zero…


Technically, you can’t beat Zero. You can fight the heroes Zero put in his defense team. But you can’t fight him with him firing the tiles and specials of his choice back at you.

I’d like to have that game mode: live true multiplayer duels.


@Bertus that’s like trying to hurt someone with a wet tissue…


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hmm… What if he is a she… and her name is CHUN LI!