Raids: fair or unfair?

This is correct. There is no doubt that p2w have advantages in reaching absolute top positions. It is hard to compete with those players. If it is the only and ultimate goal in this game then it is difficult to accept. :slight_smile: But big number of player make it possible to compete at an affordable level. Actually diamond league is reachable without super heroes, only with what you can get from TC20.
Above diamond leagues there is no difference in chest rewards and only ambitions to reach top 100.

So… No strategy, but you need knowledge. Ok…

Wrong on there being no strategy. There’s huge amounts of skill and strategy in how you play a board. If your strategy is simply to pray for a board, then I feel it is likely you are not very good at manipulating the board in your favor.

Why do you play this game if you don’t even trust the most basic things such as your ranking and the number of players that’s against? I mean… If you think those are made up, how much of the game is real?

SuuriKoira, i agree mostly but sometime i have to throw the book and common sense out of the window.
In my last raid for ex i won by using yellow.
Opponent had 3 reds, green and blue.
1 time used the recommended set up, blue + reds, most of the tiles yellow, same on 2th try.
3 try, 3 yellows, 2 blues, game over in 45s.:grin:
I does happen to me on a regular basis.
Have a merry and happy.

This is, actually, a common sense. Your just followed specifics of your RNG. recommended setup is not a dogma it is just a recommendation in the assumption of a normal tile distribution. If your RNG is in a specific state where one color dominates, why not use it to your advantage?

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This picture you put up is so fake I spit all my beer over the phone lmao. Good one

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That picture is not fake, rather it’s outdated. Note that it’s from June 2017

Team Power calculation has been tweaked twice in Empires & Puzzles since that post was made:


There is no way a team of 4 stars had a team power of 4670 at anytime tweak or not. I was here before and after the tweak,and look at both players global rankings. Like seriously??

Ok, it’s a raid thread so this is as good place as any. Does anyone else experience a decrease in the number of times they’re being raided over a 24 hours preiod lately. I’m not talking about revenges from players you attacked, but about direct unprovoked attacks on your defense by other players looking for a target to raid. At this moment I have no revenges available and only one revenged by me in my entire watch tower. And it goes over 24 hours back. Seems I only get raided in revenge to my attacks. To start being targeted by random players I need to go well above 2600… Once I fall below 2550, it silence complete, unless I attack and get revenged.


Yes. I have some attacks, but not as much as before - 3 per day instead of 6-10. I’m usually between 2300 and 2500.
Maybe people raid less because they went shopping…christmas gifts and so on…or the challenge event, tournament and seasonal kicks in?


Most people complaining about raids show screen shots.of horrible set up teams, running multiple slow players versus fast defense and so on. Lear ing to raid wells benefits you and your alliance as the more times u face heroes the more apt you are to remember a way you countered them. I love raids as it is the only place besides wars where I can really put my math to the test.
Being that I would never raid mono, I have to pay close attention to heroes and skills to know what would counter then well and to find synergies between cups as knprefer 2 2 1 and rainbow. I always win more than I lose in a day and as my roster grows less heroes give me an immediate problem on site

Yes, might be that. Any way, I don’t like it. I enjoy revenge hits…

Same here :cry:

20 missing raids

I think it’s all these too.

Raid tournaments count towards your hero chest, meaning once you fill it, you don’t have to raid unless you’re low on food / iron.

Add in the fact that there’s a seasonal event and a recent challenge event. Both which can’t be auto-battled strictly, unlike map farming.

And yes, probably a holidays thing too :slight_smile:

I myself just hunt for raids when I need iron, and when I need to fill my hero chest. Raids take about 5~10 minutes on average – 15 minutes worst case because of the timer.

Filling your hero chest alone, can take about 30 minutes a day to 1 hour. It’s why I personally raid less too – it can be time consuming, particularly with the parade of Mother Norths and Aegirs and Kunchens in diamond.


This shouldn’t be allowed. Dude is like 800 points higher than me, there’s no effing way I can revenge this and he didn’t get anything but 13 trophies? Shouldn’t there be a cap like no lower than 300 team power lower than your team or something?

Anyone can raid anyone else as long as they are within 300 cups of each other.


They have 2600 cups and I have 2100


Not necessarily at the time of rolling you in the first raid…


It’s still completely bs like go pick on someone you’re own size. 4500 power and your picking on someone with 3700. It’s embarrassing

Not at the time when they raided you. They were within 300 cups.

They were probably picking out targets they thought would be easy to fill a raid chest.

Part of the game. Revenge him and take back 50+ cups.

I suggest going mono purple. :smiley: