Raids: fair or unfair?

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…Just for the record, in all your complaints you failed to post even one number. You measured nothing.

About the weaker attacks, I do check if there are any special abilities active on either side when I notice this. If there are, then I know I can’t compare the attack to other situations. My own team is still pretty fixed, since I don’t have that many heroes yet who are strong enough. The down side is of course that I can’t adjust my team to the team of my opponent, but the upside is that I know pretty well what I can expect for each colour against each other colour. Also when selecting the player I want to raid, I do check out their defence and hp, so I should know what I’m up against. There’s one difference though, which perhaps could be more important than I thought. With bad boards there are many more attacks where a single tile hits an enemy on the side. Could this influence the damage, apart from the obvious single tile in stead of multiple tiles?

I’m watching closer now, and an interesting thing just happened. I was in a raid and I hit the other guy’s Hu Tao (three stripes, level 60) with three purple tiles, powered by my Tyrum (on full strength). No special abilities on his side, on my side Wu Kong’s special ability was active. So we have purple against yellow, which should do extra damage plus 185% extra damage because of Wu Kong. Here’s the thing: nothing happened. It didn’t say “missed”, it didn’t give any damage numbers, it didn’t touch Hu Tao’s hp. This is weird, right?

Yet again you ignore everything I said. The most important of which was: this conversation is over. Bye bye Brobb.

Here’s a lesson for you. The way to end a conversation is not to announce that it is over: that would be silly, because such a unilateral declaration can always be demonstrated to be false when the other party simply continues communicating (thus).

If you really wish for a conversation to be over, just stop participating in it. Try, if you wish, and you will see that - as if by magic - the conversation has indeed ended.

(I note in passing the continued absence of any sort of substantial analysis and the continued reliance on feelings and unreliable subjective impressions. Worthless.)

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I’m new here (and as a result guessing I can’t create new forum posts but this topic is kinda why I signed up with the forum) but I’ve been making an observation about the raid system and is it me or does the whole thing seem to be somewhat rigged and pre-determined to ‘prevent’ you from being able to win a large number of the battles? It just feels like it’s rigged so that you have to pay to advance?

I don’t just mean losing all the time, but a consistent pattern of win one, lose one, win one, lose two, win one, lose three - and here’s the thing that stands out more about it to me - we’re not actually playing against an opponent, we’re playing against an opponent’s PIECES on the board, but on an almost pre-determined board. The layout of the board is practically always stacked against me when it comes to being able to attack the best colour against the opponent’s characters - if the character in that position of the board is yellow, then often the only attack I will be able to make using tiles on the board will often BE yellow, so not only is it stacked against me getting a decent hit against them, but they also gain huge mana to be able to then get an extra attack against me when their mana gets filled.

I’ve had raids where I even get ‘dead’ boards that I cannot move half of the board as there are no matching tiles EXCEPT for the side where I have already defeated a character, so i have to just use up tiles, and end up getting beaten because I just cannot hit the enemy. It’s more than half the time I play and just seems way above the law of averages? Anyone else?

@Ahdvd Look up “ghosting tiles”. Those tiles that you have to “waste” by sending them through the empty space? They charge your mana twice as fast as tiles that hit an enemy, while not charging your enemy. That means that you can pick off enemy heroes with your specials without getting hit by theirs.

There are a couple of great threads on the forum here full of raiding tips. I’ll link them for you

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Just a handful of messages back, Ahdvd. I just wrote a similar reaction recently. I know exactly what you mean.

Right now they they need to fix this “you cannot attack because they are playing on a different version” issue. That’s ridiculous

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My problem is an unreliable backhand to the extent that I am seriously considering switching to a two-hander, and an unhealthy degree of natural empathy. Aside from that, I’m very well, thank you. (I think you mean ‘leech’, by the way.)

This is a forum where we share our thoughts. As such, we do not have the ability to prevent others from sharing their thoughts simply by announcing that we would like them to go away. In your own case it’s especially unlikely to work when you continue expressing an unfounded crypto-superstitious belief that the game is against you, while consistently failing to back it up with anything substantive. (Your latest Wu observation is months old, btw, and has been litigated - and solved - on the forum already. Though that contribution has at least illustrated that you’re playing with a weak team and don’t understand the game very well, yet. This might go a long way to explain what’s happening to you.)

If I feel like I can add to the discussion with a comment, then I will post that comment. Wishing it were not so will not change that.

But if you feel you ought to ‘block’ me then I guess I will just have to learn how to cope. Go ahead and ‘block’ me. :wink:

But that only counts if you actually manage to defeat some of the enemy, i’ve just had 2 raids which i lost because i had terrible tiles that firstly didn’t let me get much, so i didn’t manage to get a single character’s mana up before they were wiped out, and secondly pretty much only allowed me to hit like for like against the same tile/enemy colour. So it meant, with every move i made i got practically zero damage against enemies while their mana shot up so that they could attack me with full magic attacks? I ask you, how is that not rigged?

What does your raiding team typically look like? What heroes are you using and why?

I don’t remember the names, but i’ve tried different arrangements, always with one of each colour so tiles have effect, i’ve got mostly 3 star characters mostly maxed, a couple 4 stars that have been ascended a couple times so far, and a couple 2 stars which are also fully maxed out. And my troops are currently at level 3 with either 3 or 4 stars and most levelled up high or at max.

Oh, don’t block Brobb! She provides some of the best laughs on these boards.

Since you are a computer scientist, @FrostyStache, you understand the value of data and repeatability. As an economist, I can assure you that your (and my, and Brobb’s) perceptions are always skewed from what data actually show. The human brain is simply wired that way. And your professional training in computer science doesn’t change the natural human tendency towards confirmation bias etc. in a meaningful way.

In the thread linked up-thread about board randomness, a player collected tiles counts from the starting positions from 100 consecutive boards with a very skewed team. That data provided sufficient statistical evidence that we could not reject the null hypothesis that tiles at the beginning were random.

You have a different null hypothesis, though I confess I’m not sure exactly what it is. One might be “replacement tiles’ colors are random”. Then collect a database of sufficient size to achieve the requisite statistical power to disprove that null hypothesis.

Speaking for myself, until I see such data I am unwilling to accept assertions that tiles aren’t random – despite my personal sense that boards are horribly unfair at times and if you bring in a mono-red team, you’ll see half the red tiles as any other color. Why? Because I refuse to believe my own perceptions because I also know that I, like any human, am highly subject to perception bias. And if I refuse to believe myself, I’m certainly not going to believe others bringing only their subjective perceptions.


@Ahdvd Try raiding with a 3 color team. Look at the enemy team firs and see what color their tank is (center hero). Take 2 or 3 heroes of the color strong against their tank. Or, if they have 2 heroes of 1 color, take 2 or 3 of the strong color against them. Leave out the colors weak against the tank and/or the double color.

So, if your opponent has yellow-red-blue-red-purple, you might use yellow-blue-green-blue-green, or purple-green-green-green-blue. The increased tile damage from the double strong colors will more than offset the missing colors.


I’m wondering, Ahdvd, how many of you heroes have straight attacks as special ability? I recognized your problem, but then, after reading NPNKY’s post, I realized that this has a lot to do with the fact that I until very recently only had one such hero strong enough for the team.

Well, I’m not laughing Kerridoc. I’ve never found belittling people humorous. I’m funny that way.

I don’t have very much time at the moment, but I will get back to you about the rest of your post.

I take it you are referring to your post above, in which you state your assumption that I’m not here to have an open and honest discussion. (I am, by the way.)


  1. I didn’t flag your post. My preference is for that sort of passive-aggressive post to stand, because it’s a gilt-edged invitation for me to reply.

  2. If your post has been hidden, that suggests that either multiple people have flagged it (one is not enough) or a moderator has.

  3. It’s possible that your post was flagged precisely because [edited by Rook] some are not interested in this discussion descending into a slanging match.

Bearing this all in mind, I cordially invite you once again to … express your concerns in a rational manner. What do you think you are experiencing that is different from a random experience? Why do you think you are experiencing the game in this way? If something real is happening, what would be the developers’ incentives for building it? How might we measure this? How might we test for it?

Well, that is weird. In the system message there was a link to the post that I edited. That is how I opened that post in the first place.

Okay, so it was indeed actually that other post. I see that it’s still hidden. Let’s keep it that way. I was being sincere there, but looking back on it, maybe I shouldn’t have expressed my irritation that way. Let’s not forget that this was after you called me paranoid, found it necessary to point out my misspelling of ‘leech’, where you yourself wouldn’t even have the slightest clue about the Dutch word for it, (‘bloedzuiger’ in case you’re wondering, literally translates to ‘bloodsucker’) and what not, which I thought were cheap shots too.

Where did we go wrong Brobb? If you’re serious about being here for honest and open discussions, then I’m open to a new start.

I’ll get back to you tomorrow, because it’s almost 2:00 AM here at the moment and I need to get some sleep.


One piece of advice from me:
Do not waste your time going in circles with a certain person in this forum. Such an endeavor is a complete waste of your life energy. Which could certainly be utilized for more worthwhile pursuits.

The best course of action is to ignore that person completely. Unless, of course, you enjoy being insulted :wink:


Ok, I must preface this with the comment that it is meant with the best of intentions, but Brobb actually has read your post entirely and thoroughly. She always does read posts thoroughly before responding. I am not friends with Brobb nor do I know her Personally, but we both have been posting in this Forum for over a year now and I am very familiar with her input.

In this case she is spot on and it is good advice. Is there any reason that you cannot apply actual unbiased analysis to the situation? I don’t think so. Yes, it can be frustrating, especially when you have a raid box to fill. Otherwise just realize that Trophies really don’t mean much at all. Its not like you can trade them for something of value.

I have two accounts in this game and, yes, I have runs of bad boards. It happens to everyone and sometimes at the most inopportune time. There are times when screens have runs where one element just won’t show up. Try another hero combination when that happens. I guarantee that element will start showing up eventually. Then change back. You do have 5 team slots you can set up.

When I get ready to start raiding, I generally set up 4 different teams and switch out depending on 1. Which hero combination I am up against (Logical) and 2. How the boards appear to be running (illogical).

No matter how the raids turn out I just move on to the next thing when they are done. I don’t sweat it. I generally am always raiding in the top 100 with both accounts, so my raids are nearly always challenging, but even then I can sometimes recover from an unfortunate board if I just keep making the best moves possible.

All of that being said: 1. Take Brobb’s advice and apply actual unbiased analysis 2. Stop sweating the trophies and try to have fun win or lose because the trophies really don’t mean much at all. 3. This is an RNG game and there will be variability. This can be tempered with your skill/ability if you just keep your head and keep making the best moves possible.


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