Raids: fair or unfair?

Actually, Path of Valor does discourage cup-dropping because of that required challenge to win 60 raids in Diamond Arena. If you cup drop, you’ll lose out on Diamond wins especially if your trophy count teeters between Platinum and Diamond.

It’s why I quit cup-dropping and resulted to rage quitting when RNG is being a :hankey: to me.

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Yeah, I noticed they snuck that in this time. That’s good - well, sort of. Most of my alliance members are in the 3500ish range, so platinum is certainly achievable (the majority of them have managed to get up to platinum after a bit of goading on my part), but diamond tier is still kind of a stretch for us. Which is fine, because like most of the forum veterans say, PoV isn’t meant to be completed by everyone anyway. Cool to see most of my peeps up in platinum though! (at least temporarily, couple of them got knocked back down later, but still kudos to them for getting up there in the first place)

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I primarily raid for filling the chest. Cups, wins, that’s all incidental.

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Raids seem to be based on trophies not power. This isn’t realistic. Personally I had a very lucky run in raid defenses and my trophies went up like 300 above my norm. Now I lose 4 out of every 5 raids I attempt. The power of the opponents the game selects is usually 400 to 500 power points above my best team. The other observation is that the game may just be forcing us to use resources to get better more suitable opponents. Either way it’s so unrealistic I’m very frustrated and near making a decision to stop playing. Just not fun getting you a$$ handed to you 80 + % of the time.

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Actually, it is realistic. The more trophies you gain and the higher you climb the stronger opponents you get. If you jumped above your abilities, be ready to lose until you get back to where you can hold a position. The only problem in this system are cup droppers, but either they have a reasonable defense that you can deal with or you simply re-roll them.

Targeted harassment and name-calling will get you flagged every time, @aderbt. Tired of losing to teams 300 Team Power less?

Do less crying, and more trying. In the meantime, please review…

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Really? You clearly don’t follow sports. You are saying the most talented team wins every time? Try googling Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas.

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Lack of emulation to the game then who is wrong?

@aderbt seems to think that he’s privileged enough that his 5 Margarets should beat 5 Gravemakers just because his Margarets have a higher team power.


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Again. Nonsense. What’s the point of leveling a card?

The point of leveling heroes is to try to find the heroes with the best synergy offensively for any given defense and recognizing that a cookie-cutter offense isn’t going to beat every defense just because it’s 300 Team Power more. And to optimize the most synergistic defense so that Raid Arena status is stable enough for the better loot tiers in the higher arenas. It’s no secret that a large chunk of defenses in the Top 100 have some combination of Seshat or Ursena, Gravemaker, Telluria, Vela, and Drake Fong with Telluria at tank and Vela at Right Flank in most of those.

Team synergy is a science in this game to be learned. It is not a gift given to players, who feel entitled because they have some random heroes that just so happen to be strong.

I’m tracking but by no means, earlier stated (deleted by you) why 5 stars cannot roll over 3 stars.

This seams to be a wrong analogy. E&P is not an individual fight. It’s a team play. So look for analogy in soccer or hockey. Imagine a hockey team built of world best goaltenders only vs well balanced team. Most likely balanced team will win because players have different skills and fit their roles.
So is in E&P: use of defensive heroes in offense leads to failure in most cases, but they shine being used properly. Like, for example Kasshrek. This lizard is a great tank but very poor attacking hero. Do I need to max him? Yes, if I need to build my defense. Caedmon, in contrast, is good in offense (against Kasshrek too), but put him in a centre of defense and it will be a gift to raiders.


A team of half-ascended 5* heroes (though some 300-400 Team Power higher), would probably get their collective rears handed to them by an all 3-star group like this. With a few 4* troops this Defensive team is sitting at over 3000 Team Power…

  • Do you play piano?
  • I don’t know. Never tried.

If you are gifted but not well trained will you succeed?

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I’m done trying to evoke reason into a wall. The Raid Arena will never be fair to him or anyone with that mentality. Unwilling to learn and to understand from several different individuals of all player levels. In the meantime, I’m just going to drop the user into the “Ignore” pile, and move on with the conversation in a more meaningful and productive manner.

Wrong assumption. So the other players are standing around while the “balanced team” is shooting in the goalie?

Possibly work on the game and the magical sense that everyone has a shot. You fail to realize the time the is used for this game and it means nothing.

Possibly work on your social skills a bit. You go on and on about the same point and when people respond you just dismiss them as irrelevant because they disagree with you.

You are struggling to beat opponents in raids, apparently. Ok, why is that? If you think it’s all just blind luck then you don’t have a good handle on the gameplay. Think about what is happening in these battles and what you can do to change it. I’m not talking about tiles here. I’m talking about what heroes you are using, what heroes you are facing. How do they work together – do they even work together? How do you make your team more durable to survive a bad starting board?

And, back to tiles, how do you make moves to maximize your chances of getting tiles you want where you want them? It doesn’t help much to make an off-colour diamond on one side of the board if all your on-colour tiles are on the other side. You have to look at who benefits more – you by possibly setting up an on-colour match or your opponent by increasing their hero’s mana?

There are lots of really good tips and guides here on the forums to help you if you just take the time to read them and think about what they are trying to explain to you.

As for leveling up heroes, it makes them stronger than unlevelled. But using TP to compare heroes is a chimera. All 5* at the same level have similar TP but they are all widely different in their skills and where they excel. Horghall and Lianna are the same TP but I would choose Lianna over Horghall 100% and would gladly face a Horghall over a Lianna 100%.

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