Raids: fair or unfair?

I just hearted your review. Exactly. Especially the bit re: fast vs slow. I also look at low defense, like Colen. Even Agwe and Caedmon are relatively low (though arguably Bane is lower…but he’s faster). Trade off trade off.


And according to this image, he lost handily. Notice how Bane and Valen are practically untouched, Valen is still guarded by a minion, and Buddy and Scarlett still have Khiona’s assisted “Pissed-Off Attack Boost” buff engaged. This fules player knew what they were doing…

Image provided by @aderbt

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Never never never never never.



Great analysis, @Mothra. I’m out of likes, but you covered everything I could think of


I can clearly see that this whole thread is useless with people chiming in on their own two sense.

Must have been the intent of the forum, don’t fix anything, just have BS responses until someone gets frustrated and quits the intent of the issue to begin with.

The forum is a place where players share knowledge and seek advice from each other, occasionally report bugs and engage in discussions on certain aspects of the game, like raids. If you are not interested in any of those, then perhaps this is not the right place/game for you.

But if you are interested about learning about different strategies and improving your skills, then read the following thread, it might help you to build some perspective.


@aderbt, you should actually see more sample in youtube how raid works, which heroes you should bring (better is not rainbow team). And show us all your rosters screenshot, then we can suggest who to bring for offense in raid and also who is the priority to level, and normally as example against purple tank we use stack formation 3-2 (3 yellow and 2 other colors). But if we lack of heroes for stack, we can slowly do 2-1-1 formation, etc… etc…


If I win, the raid is fair.

If I lose, the raid is unfair.


Very true. :smiley: (20 true statements)

Yes, it looks useless.

Lots of experienced players try to explain you your obvious beginner’s raiding mistakes. You can do better by improving your strategy and deepening your roster and enjoy the game.

However, you continue insisting that it is a conspiracy to protect a flawed game. :slight_smile:


@aderbt, you simply are not humble enough to understand how this game is. You have this sense of entitlement bent on Team Power as a measure of Team “Strength”, and it is not the same. You refuse to take constructive criticism without being defensive. You refuse to see the flaws in your style of game play because of how apparently entitled you feel you are.

I hate to tell you this. Underdogs win battles in this game more often than you think and at times when perhaps those underdogs are not as weak as they seem. North Dakota States beat Iowas from time to time. You shouldn’t be surprised.

You should be humble. To quote our friend @Rigs, with his two word advice, “Get better.”


Its not uncommon. I do it about 30% of the time. Depends on the color and the team I’m facing. But against a buddy I would think about a cleanser for sure.

Lol read and learn or don’t and don’t

Choice is yours

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I’ll just chime in with this observation:

Lianna – TP 755 when maxed (no emblems)
Quintus – TP 757 when maxed (no emblems)

Which one is the better hero?

Gravemaker – TP 768
Margaret – TP 770

Which one would you prefer to use?

TP is a flawed benchmark.


Again. You all seem to think I asked your input. You tell me be humble and “get better.”

I have never asked for an opinion. In fact, I have said several times that this a game issue.

THE POINT: team power is useless under your mentality of “strategy.” So why have “team power?” If it’s based on types of cards, why level up? These are all rhetorical and I’m asking one of the moderators/game designers. Not someone just make an opinion.

It is just a small factor indicator, just like in Quests some times they gave recommendation for example 3500 Team Power for that stage, but actually we can finish that stage with 2000 Team Power, etc etc…


Except it isn’t that much of an issue, if all you mean is that TP isn’t indicative of a win. It’s an understanding issue of what TP is used for.

BTW - Mods are just players with admin rights to the forums (and of course the magic “good board” button). They are knowledgeable, but so are many of the others that have responded.


You posted on the forum. That’s asking for input.

Now, you don’t like the input that you’ve gotten, and that’s your prerogative. You can choose to ignore it, continue to obsess over a meaningless stat (Team Power), get defensive when anyone provides constructive criticism, and keep losing raids. That’s your choice, and it doesn’t hurt anyone but you.

Or, you can swallow your arrogance, forget the Team Power stat even exists, listen to the people who have offered their time and experience to help you, and start winning raids. Again, that’s also your choice, and it won’t benefit anyone else but you.

Whichever you choose, it’s no skin off my nose. I’m not likely to see you in raids until you have the skill and roster depth to stay in Diamond


If they’re rhetorical you’re not asking ANYONE.

If you’re asking the moderators you will get the same answer you get from other players, as that’s what they are. They have nothing to do with the game development.

If you’re asking the game designers you’re in the wrong place.

We are simply pointing out the flawed logic you are using in relying on TP as a benchmark for team strength. If you don’t want an answer, don’t ask. Even rhetorically.

You DID ask the question in a player community forum after all.


You didn’t ask for input, because you act self-entitled. You think you deserve an explanation from the developers??? Well, you don’t. Team Power is only a barometer towards Team Strength, but there are other factors, and a truly good player would recognize that, and that’s not just not an opinion. That’s a fact backed by hundreds of data sets. Did you know that five maxed Margarets have a higher team power than five maxed Gravemakers? That’s also a fact. Who do you think is winning that battle? You also didn’t answer my question in my critique in why you didn’t bring a healer? Especially an ailment cleanser? I’m willing to bet that Khiona almost single-handedly whipped your tail all over the Raid Arena and that you didn’t use Caedmon enough to target her and dispel her buffs. I bet Scarlett finished off your Caedmon and Inari, didn’t she? Put aside the defensiveness and actually learn something rather than choosing to be offended because someone else saw how incredibly flawed your team was.


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