Raids: fair or unfair?

I’m interested to know the viewpoints of others. Thank you.


In what regards to the raids are you asking is fair or not?

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I think there is too much luck involved.


I Think it’s soooooo. dang cool. How if you win a raid you get 10-15 trophies, and when you lose, you lose like 50 trophies. That is so wonderful. It makes my day so much brighter. Thanks. P/R


I think unfair on how many trophies we lose compared to how many we win. Even if you seek revenge you still don’t gain back half the trophies you lost. the odds should be more matched.


I don’t like them but if it’s part of the game then I am in but I am not strong enough yet so be kind please thanks.


I agree, there’s too much luck involved… but that door can swing both ways.

I’m currently at about 1800 team power and have won several raids today against 2000+ power teams.

But the thing is… The last few days, I’ve only been rolling 2000-3000 power raids. They are almost never lower than or equal to mine.

I think that’s intended. As you climb the leaderboards and gain cups, you get harder raids. It seems like that’s to keep someone from going straight to the top with a low power team.

And, despite my complaining in chat, I think that’s fair.


In my opinion it is fair, because the possible damage/raid is quite little for players gaming frequently. I do not feel bad when i open my account in the morning and 2-3 raids happened.

Not so fair is the selection of possible opponents when planning a raid. My team is about 1550 strength. I pay over 10 times for another opponent and the lowest is about 1800. So it would be better to do no raid.

Another thing is the rating of the raids. Winning against a same level opponent is rated about 10 to 35 points, but if I got beaten by a 1800 account, I mostly lose about 50.


I don’t know the formula for winning/losing cups but it seems to be comparing your cups vs the opponent’s cups. I think it should be comparing team power. You beat someone with more team power you get more cups, that seems logical to me.


Hey Everyone!

So i find currently, unfortunately, that raiding is the only thing i can use as a decent evaluation of my progress. However, just az the comments above, i too find that trophie loss is a little too much. Im sittingat around 2900 team power. I do not believe that the team power rank should be an end all for deciding whether or not you should beat some one, however, when im trying to play it safe and simply knock out my Heros Wanted mission, and i get the chance to attack a 2400 and i get stomped and lose 50 trophies, i cant help but think i was robbed somewhere.
I never feel bad about being beaten by someone. Thats the game. But i do hate how the team power rating is calculated. To me, itz a broken mechanic that drives me up the wall.


It irritates me to lose so much and not make up the difference in revenge. Whats the point of revenge if you don’t get your trophies back? Whats the point of the power ranking if you can get slamed by someone thats 400 or 500 less in power? If its all about the characters you pick then its a flawed system all I need is to pick specific characters and I’m done. I can conquer all.
I understand that it also is determined by the puzzle pieces and moves you make but losing that many trophies. Yes, If you are bullying I understand but you should still be able to get em back.
I try to only challenge people that are close to my power ranking. Either way it is the funnest game app ever so I’ll just deal with it. No game is flawless.


If I could add one thing… I think the idea of raids being luck based follows the same pattern as the entire rest of the game: luck of the draw.

I’ve found that whether I win or lose a raid usually comes down to what gems appear on the field. Sometimes I get lucky and, for example, drop a ton of red gems on a green hero, other times the gems are lined up so as to never give me anything but weak hits. Large combos, which are pretty much necessary to win a raid against a higher power opponent, are inherently unpredictable and random.

The conclusion I’ve come to is to never reroll raids unless you are completely outmatched. It’s pretty much a waste of food.


No. Not fair. Should only be raided same number of times, and at same rate, as we are able to retaliate. Then at least the other disadvantages of raiding will be minimalised.

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I feel like the main reason people give for raids being unfair is that they lose a lot of trophies when they are attacked, and win only a few when they attack.

If this is happening, it is because they are attacking players with fewer trophies than them.

Attack some players with more trophies than you. Yes, you’ll lose a few battles (boo hoo!); but when you win, you’ll win big.

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I think what the real question is - are they balanced?

And it seems to me that the raids are weighed slightly in the favor of the defense team. (Which is fair - as the player cannot strategically defend themselves).

I see characters I also have, proc skills I cannot use.

The system for generating opponents seems confusing.

But with enough food and patience raiding cab be profitable. The reality is you can play the entire game and only raid for your zones. The generates opponent, in my experience, has always been so much lower in power your sure to win.

The loss of food & steel is minimal and if your not competing for cups it’s not a big deal.

So it’s less about “fair” and more about is it balanced.

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Power level match ups

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I don’t think it’s fair, but my problem is really less about trophies than it is about special attacks. I’ll fight AI’s who get nearly constant access to special attacks where I’m lucky to get three of my characters a single chance. I think the AI special attack is a little imbalanced in comparison to the raiders.

And God forbid going against a team with multiple healers! They heal so often my team (1988 team power) will be decimated and they’ll have lost one guy and the rest are all at full life! That’s frustrating.


In my opinion raids are 80% luck.
You can be lucky and get the right colors and a huge combo at the right moment.
But usually the colors you need are not there for you to use and the other player gets his special abilities powered up very much faster than you.

I have won against someone almost 1.000 power higher than me.
But at the same time i have lost many more times to players way lower in power than me.
All due to not getting any decent matching colors, so my heros special abilities would power up.

I belive a small help for winning when you attack would be using “FAST” heroes.
That could give your heroes a higher chance to get the special ability going.
But still it will require the right gem match. And still many of them.


I think Raids were very enjoyable up until about 1-2 weeks ago, when it seems as though something changed. Seems like some raids are a pre-determined win or loss before you even start fighting, sometimes.



I feel the raids are majorly unfair I think it should be based on character lvl I have ended up against people who have been on here for awhile and my kingdom is only lvl 5-6 an in the raid I’m faceing someone lvl12 or higher I’ve played RPG’s most of my life you can’t face a boss until prepared that’s how the raids b are you even have some character cards they like lvl 20+ an I’ve only got at highest I think a lvl 10 card I feel it’s a little lopsided to face people with higher lvls an higher cards It’s rediculous cause you’ll get no where except fustrated an quit So far I’m likeing this game an it’s fun but this is my only Issue I can’t wait to make lvl 10 so that I can see what the Quest are l ike Hopefully their INTERESTING!!!