Raids- Fair or Unfair?


Looking for thoughts on raids. I do require sleep and can’t play every second of the day. That being said, I feel it’s unfair to be raided more than once an hour. If I’m off for 8 hours I’ve typically been raided in excess of 12 times. My other suggestion is to reduce the cool down of raid energy or increase the total amount so we have a chance to complete more raids…



Having read over 33 thousand posts on this forum I have found no evidence of bias or unfairness in raids.

Most of us have 16 flags available each day. So being raided 16 times would be an average. (@Brobb @kikyo maths support?)

Once one understands and accepts the Elo scoring system, makes peace with the randomness of boards and jettisons all unfounded conspiracy, one can just enjoy raids without prejudice or anxiety :blush:

We all have troughs and spikes in being raided and how many we win or lose as our teams appear more or less appetising to our rivals.

Giving everyone more raid energy will result in you being raided more often?


I can accept that. That’s a great point regarding the additional energy. My post is not related to winning or loosing or the match ups, it’s strictly speaking about the number of times a person can be raided. This amount seems to be unlimited with not cool down between raids. I feel as though I loose a tremendous amount of trophies when not on and find it very difficult to recoupe the loss. Really my reasoning was to limit the time someone can be attacked is all.