Raids, different app version

Just woundering if any one else since doing the update, has had someone on a different app version raid them, but you can’t go for revenge because ur on a different app

They just havent updated yet

Yep I’ve experienced it. I received the latest version of the app 10 minutes after it was first released. Then when I woke up this morning I went to revenge someone who had raided me an hour earlier and it said I couldn’t because they were on a different version. Can’t work out how they managed to raid me in the first place if they weren’t on latest update already.

All I could think of is a patched version was released within that hour period that my phone has yet to get access to though couldn’t see mention of a new patch back when it happened.

That said I’ve also experienced the game completely freezing trying to start a raid which requires crashing the game and restarting so maybe a patched version is also out there. Thankfully it hasn’t cost any flags when does freeze and the raid opponent hasn’t changed when re-opening game.

I’ve had them raid me in last hr, I done update about 10hrs ago, and can’t get revenge

I done up date 10hrs ago, they’ve raided me in last hr, on different app version yet I can’t go for revenge

Happens every release


Happens on every update

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It’s getting dafft, and being raided by a team at 500/1000 tp higher then then you, I try too stuck at 200 lower at most and upto 300 higher, I wouldn’t see any point in me raiding a 2k

From what i remember i was unable to revenge raid someone on a different version of the app. Which is fine but are people using this to keep themselves in the top 100? I counted 10 that are active and still remain on a previous app. I couldn’t even get on to the game without updating last time seems like maybe that should be the case for everyone. Am i missing something or are these people dodging us?

There’s usually a point once the game updates are out for both iOS and Android where the update becomes required. Before that there’s always a mix of players on each app version by necessity, since Apple and Google have control over the timing of update releases.

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But how long ago was the last update? Are people benefiting from just remaining on their current app until forced to change? I mean it would be nice not seeing 200 trophies gone each am because everybody else has updated their app. I guess my question is does anyone else look at this as a way people are using the system or is it only me?

The update started rollout around 4 hours ago. I’m on iOS and don’t even have the option to update yet.

So I don’t think it’s using the system, it just is the way it works by necessity.

This is where the release was announced:

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Gotcha that does explain that maybe they are an app version ahead of us not behind us. Thanks for your reply.

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