Raids: Define search limits?

The one thing I hate the MOST about raids is that the game offers me opponents WAY above my level. My strength is 1870. I get shown opponents with 2300, 2400. No chance. And I waste TONS of food rerolling for ONE that I might beat.
All that does, is piss me off and make me want to delete the game. And I’m not alone. If the developers intention is to drive players away, it’s working.
How about offer a search cap, even if using it costs a couple of trophies or food? “Search for opponents no more than XXX above my team.”


If I can make a suggestion: when you’re still building / levelling heroes, just hit whoever the game gives you.

Re-rolling early, and I define early as before SH11 and similarly leveled farms, is a waste of resources and just slows down your progression.

I don’t know if the matching code really needs to be tweaked (it is a ladder ranking, team power isn’t part of that unless we make separate ladders like they’re doing with the upcoming event) though I agree with your core point that early game raiding is not fun. Maybe they could do a sliding scale for matches so beneath 100 cups the range is only +/-30, beneath 200, +/-60 and so on up to 1000 cups where it’s the full 300, or something similar.

If you just hit whatever the game gives you and keep building your heroes eventually you will start winning, may even win some now actually when you find someone who has Sharan still in the middle for example even when you’re brand new, but stick with it and it does get better… but use your ham for training and leveling heroes, not for rerolling, and consider any raid wins just bonus loot.


Yeah don’t reroll. This game has a built in balancing mechanic that puts you against players you can beat. You won’t win all the time but you will win a decent amount of the time. And don’t get hung up on trophies. They aren’t merit or skill based. They are directly correlated to the power of your team.


Um, yeah. That 'just hit who ever the game throws at you" thing? I tried that. Seriously overpowered, lost 6 raids in a row using all my strongest heroes.
How does this help, again?

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It doesn’t waste food rerolling that would be better spent elsewhere.

You won’t win raids against players that have fully levelled teams when yours are new and still on the first ascension or whatever… so just spend the flags, maybe you get someone good maybe you don’t, and don’t sweat it.

If you aren’t short food up past SH 8 and probably not until roughly SH 11 then I would suggest you’re not leveling your heroes enough as is :).

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It happens. And right now, the raid balance is out of whack so it sucks more often than not. Maybe the devs will fix it, maybe not. They keep fiddling with it and it swings back and forth from defenders advantage to attackers. That’s why you just fight who’s there and move on.


It offers opponent in 280 cup range of you. It doesn’t not look at power. If you have done a lot of attacking and risen in ranks, you will get stronger and stronger opponents. Attack is stronger than defense so it happens easily.


Oh, that I didn’t know. So if I’m 1860 strength, with 560 trophies, and Bane, Gunnar, Kelile and 2 2*'s and it gives me a team with maxxed Boldtusk and Lianna, it’s because that team just lost enough fights to bring them down to 700’s depending on who they recently fought.
They’ll still obliterate me in three moves and I lose 50 more trophies, but at least now I know why they showed up.

Here’s a strategy: I need gems. So if I lose fights and have zero trophies my opponents will be newbies with low trophies and limited experience, easy to beat. I fill my raid chest and get gems. Right?


Correct, this a common strategy uses as the hero chest is infinitely more valuable than cups


My attack team is 3100+, my raid team is 2300 or so so that people can raid me to take down my trophies. My raid team is also annoying for opponents and for some reason I think it’s fun.

Also - getting raided when the defense team is 2300 brings in folks that are much less than 3100 attack power which means I can revenge them quick to complete the mission.

I think this is a pretty common tactic.

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Yes some players dump their trophies to get easy kills later. Never done that myself. I want to see how my defense team keeps up and also lose as little resources to raids as possible.

If I reroll I reroll to get a better ranked target. More cups when I win :slight_smile:


I have had some success by not looking at the opponents power level, but focusing on the opponent’s special abilities. Like if they have a healing hero maxed out, I re-roll. I like the ones with a fast manna, low defense up front that you can blast through, and regardless of the other characters, the rest fall easily. Find what works for you, and don’t be afraid to tackle the higher power teams.

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You know that post is over 3 months old? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whoops! I am new to this.

Hey it’s cool. It was a discussion we had a couple of months ago but it was the first time you saw it. That counts.

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No worries, it’s no crime, just poking a little fun at you :wink: Enjoy your time on the forums.

I liked your observations. :wink:

Actually my team has reached 2400+ and I still find this to be a problem. It’s just horrible needing to re-roll forever to search for someone I can maybe beat. For me it’s not so much the loss of food, but the endless hitting the search-button. And when I want to speed it up, I accidentally hit the button when I should have fought the current opponent. This feature just gives frustration.:rage: But how can I otherwise complete the 40 fights to get a reward?

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