Raids defending and revenge


You need to fix the raid thing. If someone of a higher level uses a weak team just to snipe you back. They should have to use the same exact team to defend no exceptions. To be fair. It’s unfaor how they use weak heros just to trick you to steal more trophies. This is a feature that is a big or glitch. Please fix it. To be 100% fair defend team should have to be the team they “ revenge” with. This way they can’t setup people just to cheat/steal more trophies.


I give you a tip bro, if you see a team full of 3* or 4* only on first ascension at 2000 cups, most likely is a trap.

If you all have problems with tanking, quit to attack underpowered teams.
Know your own strenght and how much strenght must have that team to gain that cups.


Put up the defence you want.
Attack/Revenge with the team you want.
Drop/Gain cups if you want.

This is not a big deal.
If something is messed up, its that cups dont matter.


Yea , seems like they should make rewards for gaining some or something.


I don’t attack them because I know it’s a trap but I think your defend team should have to be your revenge team. No exceptions. Since they like trapping people. It’s a loophole they found.


Nonsense, since some heroes are more suited for attack and others for defence.
So your “best” attacking team is not necessary the best defending, and some heroes that are mostly good for defending can’t never join the team.

Still, i don’t see why people are fine with tankers when they have to fill their raiding chest, and against them if they get revenged.
None of you never say “Good grief thank you that there are so easy teams to fill my chest!”

Actually in that case we all gain easy fights.