Raids. Big issue to me


I read that raids is matched by cups players have. This is pathetic. I have no cups. And I’m getting paired against players that are twice my strength. So to me. Raids is pointless.
Should be matched by strength. Makes sense.

Interesting to note that the last 8 raids I’ve started are the following
My strength 1000 roughly their’s 1500+ I have 0 cups they have 250+
I get hit once and they pretty much wipe out my heroes.

Please explain to me how this is fair? They don’t even match on cups.
I’ve won by chance 1 raid in roughly 30.
This is surely an issue to be addressed.


You get paired according to cups, not strength. This system makes it so that stronger players get more cups so it works out like that in the end. But for starting players it can be harder that is true. You can always reroll a new target.


Would you like constant screenshots? I have 0 cups and being matched with
players with over 300 cups. How’s that fair?


Progress through the game more. The main way to earn cups early on is by finishing province levels. Grow your team, focus on that, that should get you a few hundred cups, even without proper ‘raiding.’ There are some balance issues of course, especially early on, because people who’ve spent money on progress, but haven’t started raiding, will dominate early on.


I wouldn’t of thought those that spent money on game would have any affect
as they would gain cups. Surely I should be matched with players that also
have 0 cups. That’s a match.

And also why does an EPIC HERO TOKEN give a rare hero? That’s misleading!
An epic token should give you a random epic hero. Else it should be named
differently. Had I’d known this I wouldn’t of brought the pack.