Raids between different app versions

I have asked this question before and recieved the boiler plate explaination which did not compute with what is going on. I upgraded my app last night before i went to bed. Get up this morning and have been raided by a few people on the older version but yet i cant revenge until they upgrade. How is it the older app version can raid an upgraded app team? Please see photos to look at the time stamps.

Not possible. They raided you before the update for sure. I have try raids I have to re-roll for older versions.
When mass upgrade happen I just stay way from revenges and raids.

How is it not possible? I upgraded my app 9 hours ago and got raided by someone on a different version 3 hours ago.

Having the same issue here…
i am on iphone ios 12.1.2
Game ver 19.0.0
this totally messes things up as you cannot revenge :frowning:

Did you actually log in after the update, or did you just update the app and go to sleep? Because if you didn’t log in, there’s no way the server would have known you were on the new version until the next morning when you logged in…

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This time round when it happened i had not logged back in after the update til next morning. But i have had it in the past where i updated, played, come back later and was attacked by players on the older version.

I have had the same happen to me, multiple times. I updated my version yesterday when I logged in to play. Now i have about 10 revenges that is can not do because they are on a different version. Those raids were between the time I logged off last night and when I logged in this morning. (11h -15m ago) I also had several earlier in the week (before the update announcement) that did that to me. I was never able to revenge those because I was raided enough times to push them off of my revenge list. Now I have a bunch more that will probably do the same since they are allowing people to raid without updating.

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