Raids - being matched with players with team power too low or high

When doing raids, you are usually matched with players that have a team power way higher than your own and are forced to re-roll because there is no chance that you can win. When you re-roll, it seems that you get someone ranked ridiculously lower than you and it will be an easy win with little rewards and very unfair. I see people with a score in the mid 2000’s attacking me and I am not even 2000 yet so there is no chance for revenge.

It never seems to be a fair fight and takes away from the game quite a bit. To resolve this, I think that players should be matched BY LEVEL (for eg. only players of level 14 can play each other), or something to that affect. This would also allow players to compare their heroes and team power with players of the same level to remain competitive.

@QUEENCLEOPATRA You’re certainly not alone in frustration with raid matches, especially early on in the game. As you get farther in, being matched with stronger opponents becomes less of an issue.

But early on, it’s definitely challenging.

I re-rolled a lot early on. Now I never do — and I win against stronger teams most of the time now. That certainly wasn’t the case for my first few months or so of playing. Leveling up a good mix of 4* heroes really paid off, even against all-maxed HOTM 5* teams I routinely get matched with now.

So if nothing else, I can tell you it does get better as you progress. :slight_smile:

Others have also suggested similar ideas to yours for adjusting matches to be based on player level or team power instead of trophies:

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The reason for the trophy based matchups is the Elo system used for ranking and trophy calculation. You can read more about that here in this excellent guide from @Gryphonknight:


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