Raids - Auto Reroll

Is there a way to automate the Raid Reroll process?

When finding an opponent, I search for ones 200-300 Team Power (TP) lower than me. My current Raid Arena is “Diamond” and numerous Rerolls are usually required to find a suitable match. Instead of having to hit the “Reroll” button repeatedly, can a set of search parameters be added?

You would be able to set a range by selecting a low and high TP and then tap a “Search” button. The game would then Reroll on your behalf (using food each time) until a match is found. Instead of watching each team come and go, the process would run in the background while a “Search Progress” screen is displayed similar to that which you would find on the websites of Expedia, Travelocity, or Priceline.

I feel this would add to the enjoyment of the game as you are playing more and searching less. I trust there are other players who would find this idea useful :slight_smile:

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