Raids are unfair

Keep getting raided and more than usual lately and everytime it seems like everyone has crazy luck with beating me, I for one never have that kinda luck with higher competition, and when I try for rvenge it’s even worse , but when people get revenge on me they have no problem. This is becoming more frustrating than fun. I’ve been kicked out of alliances because there is a trophy requirement and there is no limit to how many people attack me, but a limit to me being able to get my cups back. I know several people in my alliance that are fed up with this and are ready to uninstall the game as am I. I hope something can be done about this horrible part of the game

Hardcore alliances must maintain a hardline about cups/trophies because they are trying to maintain their position in the top 100 Leaderboard. The cups scores of all of its members affect its score.

You might want to find a more relaxed alliance that understands that cups fluctuate over time.

As for Raid itself, I honestly don’t do PVP much, and usually ignore who attacks me; they are only getting the ham/iron in my warehouse, so it costs me nothing but cups and minor annoyance.

There are even those who “drop cups” (put up a much reduced defense team) on purpose to revenge back an easier target and fill their raid chest.

Don’t get discouraged; try a different way to play the game and find what works for you. Good luck on finding a new alliance. (Check out the Alliance teams here on the Forums):


You don’t need to take Raids seriously. To my mind they are:
a.) A way of filling Heroes wanted missions.
b.) A way to advertise yourself to some good alliances by meeting their trophy requirements
c.) A measure of ego.

For a.) If you find it frustrating at higher levels and you can’t fill the missions quickly, then drop cups. I do, and have no guilt about it. Raids are an inherently frustrating mechanic, but I still need the hero wanted missions to be able to cycle them quickly to expose more chance of rare mission, so I do what is necessary.
But some will cry foul that you are bullying weaker players and taking their trophies and resources, etc. Very simple way around this (and I have to give credit to another for this idea, but don’t have his blessing to name him): Drop cups and beat 4 out of 5 of the weaker opponent’s heroes, then flee. You get 4 hero kills to fill your mission, but you don’t steal their resources (and you don’t gain cups).
Balance this to the level of opponent you want to face. No one loses and your frustration level drops significantly. For me this realisation was an absolute game changer.

For b.) and c.)
These are kinda self-limiting problems. The alliances use trophy counts just as an easy way of setting a minimum entry standard. You can’t maintain a decent trophy score without a good team. For you to earn your keep in a good alliance you need to contribute meaningfully against high level Titans. You simply cannot do this without a good team. The alliance (once you are in) are far more interested in your Titan contribution than your Trophy score (although the latter may be important in the absolute most elite alliances who are trying to compete on ranking).

It’s a simple game… if you cannot maintain a reasonable cup level in defence, you probably don’t have the quality and depth in your team that is needed to maintain your position in one of the top alliances in any event.
If you are not in one of the top alliances (and I’m inclined to think you’re not otherwise you’d never be raising the complaint about the unfairness of raids) then it’s the alliance that is being unreasonable, and you’d be better off seeking a more reasonable one.

I used to get extremely frustrated about raids until I stumbled on to the realisations I described above. Now they aren’t a big deal at all. The top trophy scores are only achievable when you have a ‘mature’ team (and by mature I’m talking all 5* with decent ascension levels and a reasonable knowledge of raid strategy). Until then, chill a bit and don’t take trophies seriously.

Probably doesn’t help your frustration, but I can only describe my experience as someone who was in a very similar place in terms of attitude to it.

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Thank you for the great information, I appreciate you taking the time to help a fellow out

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I can only agree my previous poster, don’t take it serious. I only use it, to fill the Hero Chest.

I am in an alliance, with a Cup limit. But we use this limit only for player who want to join. Once you’re in, you could also drop under the limit, without being kicked out.

Maybe the alliance you joined first, was not the perfect alliance for you. Don’t quit, because of something like trophies.

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Thank to everyone who has now made me see the light about the raids and thief importance. I really do appreciate everyone taking the time to respond to this


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