Raids are unfair, but not for the reasons you think


Regular doesn’t necessarily mean frequently. I see them too, but only about 1 chest in 20


I average 4 to 5 mats per month from platinum chests. That’s pretty regularly compared to 0 from gold.


Another really good post with overlong replies which give Me cross eyes. But the essentials are all at the top anyway so my observations don’t really matter as I can’t count but use a feel your way and a little bit of study.
Raiding in early days is practice. It’s when you should be reading the wikis, forum and peers support. Then armed with what you have gained go out hit a few win some and wake the next day to fund all your gains gone. After a bit of this I gave up but gradually they drew me back in. Then I started to learn about combos. And as my four stars rolled in I learned the value of mana eaters , hit all, snipers, healers and boosters. Long term luck gave me a pretty good 4 star team but as I grew my team just wasn’t returning the same as when it was built. Fine I had others ready to try. .
So I get to that point when I find that I get attacked 5or 10 times a night. Cool revenges are so much sweeter than been revenged.
Then I realized it was just a computer chess game which scales to your experience. Some sort of mix of cups and hero strength vs what you use.
As cups don’t get you anything except raid and I will always be pitched against foes who I have a theoretical chance against. Then why worry?
Check whose raided you and if there is a profit in it …raid them back. Good fun if you find a bully. So I have stacked my defence. Hoping to catch bullies and find its taking most 2 shots to win. They are usually valueless to revenge but not good when I try.
So I am sort of stuck. Oh well it’s always practice so look at the heroes, strengths and combos . Get my win or lose and hope for a decent hero chest.
Now that I should gripe about except for that one time I got an epic token that gave me something and Gravedigger.
So I am got. I will probably never see a token like that again. Maybe I will get a run.
Nothing in raids actually hurts me. And the chest is a wildcard.
As I said a computer chess game with a matching system which works even though it pretends not to. A practice learning tool with a chest that can change your game life.
So what’s the point of arguing with it? Raid or don’t. But if you do. your play will get better than if you don’t.


A simple observation: remember how a joke is never funny if needs to be explained? Likewise, when rules have to be explained, before people can understand that they’re not unfair (for arguments sake, I don’t agree), they’re badly flawed. And there are WAY to many people who have problems with raids. I hear it everywhere: it’s a nice game, but I hate the raids system.
If it was a game on itself, it would sink into oblivion in no time.


The system is definitely flawed, but that doesn’t make it unfair. I would prefer to have trophies be more permanent


Raids are unfair, because defending heroes have their ultimates dealing 20% more damage than attacking heroes, with equal atk and def.
This is not described anywhere, so just unfair.


Your heroes also deal 20% more damage when you are defending. Same rules apply to everyone. That’s fair.


That reasoning is actually not completely valid. Yes the same rules apply, but this rule favours the inactive players over the active ones…


That rule is in place to attempt to level the playing field, since the attacker has all the advantages, from whether to attack or reroll to hero selection to move selection to timing of special skills to target selection.