Raids are unfair, but not for the reasons you think

P2P has nothing to do with the fact the starting boards and RNG is 90% slated towards your offensive primary color = minimal starting AND drop rate of that same color gem tiles as the match progresses. Im talking literally 20 of the exact opposite color tiles you need, if I need red my board is filled and dropping with blue, need yellow? Tons of green or purple, make a power gem match 5 and try to clear those tiles? Clear 15 and get maybe 3 of what u need. It skewed. I’m here once again to check the forums because this is a ridiculous issue thats gotten worse over the past year of updates. I used a mono team because I kept getting raided by teams 500+ power than me consistently, so my only defense is to revenge and come with a mono team against them to hope for a chance to win, but when you don’t even get the gem tiles you need to drop, after 30+ gems thats just ridiculous and sure bad boards used to happen once in a while sure but this is no longer an RNG bad board its coded that way because higher power players whine about getting beat by less powerful opponents. Im the less powerful opponent in this case and im telling you the advantage of going mono has been stripped down so much its disgusting. Thats my point, my complaint, and my report. I’m sticking with it too!

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