Raids are unfair, but not for the reasons you think


I’m done raiding until SG fixes the bug. I was able to raid against yellow tanks very effectively took Greg Hansel Prometheus aeron and hel. Couple purple gems and I was golden. Now couple purple gems and I can’t do jack squat.


You want to know something funny? You’ve totally changed my mind about trophies. They are a totally cool and completely fair way to match players based on experience, skill and team strenght. BTW Somewhere in the forum I read an interesting idea of making your defense team weak. It does lead to some pretty interesting match ups a few days later- 2 400 team power vs 900- totally fair and unbiased.


It’s not that the Attacker doesn’t have tools at their disposal. But more or less it seems as though no matter what is tried, if you don’t get a combo of some sorts, the enemy will get a crazy number of attacks off in an unbelievable amount of time. I swear on average I get attacked 3 times a turn. So for instance if you get a bad board and combos just aren’t readily available, your chance of winning is cut in half. Just this morning I was hit 5x one turn and three the next. And when your three tile combo only hits for 150 points and each of theirs does equal damage, how are you to keep anyone standing for long?


There are some excellent guides to raiding strategy on the forums. I particularly like this three-part series; it has lots of tips applicable whether you are raiding in Diamond or Silver:


So you proved that cup droping leads to onesided matches. Thats old news but while it can be enervating it is not really a problem.

Cups are for the ego. Defenitely yes but what a suprise most people like to feed their ego… So nothing special here.

Cups are used for the different leagues which is quite nice even if the chances for gaining ascencion mats dont improve that much.
Now you are geting recruits beginning with gold league which is nice.

The difference between pairing after teampower or cups is that in the team power pairings skill plays absolutely no role. Which means that the pairings would be more or less static and top slot would mean you had the most valuable heroes ( point wise ) and the most leveled troops. In the end you would have a lot of people with the same team power sharing nr.1 spot.

So even if the cup system might not be perfect it is still a lot better than pairing by team power.


In this update was unfair for attacker to decreaed attacked and defence powers. The other hand to increaed the enermies’ attacked and defented powers.


What are you talking about?


TY that help me a lot. Now I get it and will take advantage of it.


I meaned that raid was unfair for tha attacker that are not responed for all enermy eg unreduced live score when attcaked by hero incontrace the heroes was atttacked by enermy to die for 1-2 hit.


@CSTT I’m still not sure what you mean? Are you talking about the base 20% attack bonus given to the defense? That isn’t new. Its always been that way.


It impossible if the level more than 50 up.


How is it that people with half the strength of me is beating me or people with half the strength of me I can’t beat now with this new update one hit and it takes out my whole team there is something wrong with that


There is definitely something wrong with your observation.

  1. you can’t see which team beats you so your first point is invalid

  2. if you lose to teams half as strong as yours (I don’t think that’s even possible) you most likely

  • play your board reeeally bad
  • Chose way wrong heroes
  • sth else


Hi @Doc

Please read a couple of the excellent raid guides in the Player Guide section.

And please post specific screenshots of the relevant teams that are being used.

Then we will be able to help you.



I have been playing this game for over a year I know what I have seen I know how to play and I’m telling you it happened the guy was 95k with a troop level 7 my troops in the 20s heroes 5* all of them



If you genuinely want help, you’ll need to be much more specific than that. Are you talking about raid attack or raid defence? Who were your heroes? Who were their heroes? If you’ve been playing the game for over a year, how can you think that ‘strength’ matters?


So I’ve done that and posted it, yet still we have this conversation… I kept track and counted, double counted, triple counted my first 100 raids. Not enough everyone said… 200, still not enough. I have 1000 raids I screenshot… some boards 16 in my favor, others zero or 1 not in my favor. OPENING BOARDS ONLY… the starting boards are not totally random or I have the worst luck in the world, hands down. After about 600 raids my opening board had just under 5 of the colors that were strong against the tank, the color I triple up on. No way it’s 7. But… I will agree that doesn’t make this winnable. Guin would get panther Sartana and Merlin stacked against her. A red and a blue. I usually get greens and yellows as predominant colors. Again, documented not perception. Every single raid screenshot and later tallied… but it’s usually not hard to make a green or yellow diamond and create a winnable board, which I truly believe falls randomly. I’ve come to the conclusion that nobody believes anything even if shown. Everyone is so set in their beliefs, none of this will change the way we each see our own boards. So I haven’t taken any more pics or counted past 600. I have other pics but I’m done. Not griping or complaining, just making a point


That all sounds very confused. I suggest you post the results of your sample of 600 opening boards (summary data, not screenshots, please), together with summary details of the team composition you were using when they were generated.

We will be able to break that down pretty easily to test whether it provides any evidence of a deviation away from randomness.


Not confused at all. I raided, took screenshots of every opening board, nothing more because that didn’t interest me. Opening boards were skewed. Ex: Guin is opponents tank. I use 3 purples, one red one blue. Yellow and green are the prodeminant color, purple is the only color counted tho. Over 600… 7 is average, didn’t make it. Again. I can post, it can be removed or labeled (offensive), whatever. But on AVERAGE, it was lower than 7. More like 5. I’ll put screenshots up of my pics and hundreds of raids, my book, etc. The only fact is that people won’t believe what they see. I actually did 1000. I got busy with work and still have yet to count the last 4-500. With the typical response , I’m not sure I care to , tbh


Post your data - it is always gratefully received and can be analysed. Do not post screenshots. They prove nothing and make threads unreadable with their clutter.

People, I think you will find, are always very happy to believe what they see. So far, no one has produced any data that provide any evidence that boards are not random. One person claimed to have such data but never posted it. All the data that has actually been posted suggests boards are random (technically: provides no evidence that boards are not random).

We would expect that sooner or later someone would be able to generate a decent data set that did suggest boards were not random. It might be you!

It wouldn’t prove anything by itself, of course, but if it did provide evidence to reject the null hypothesis of randomness at the 95% confidence level then it would probably spark others to repeat your trial. If your dataset passes this threshold then I, for one, will be happy to switch to a colour stacked team for my next 1000 raids and collect the data, to see if I can replicate your results.