Raids are unfair, but not for the reasons you think


Wow, that first board did not start out well. By the time you make the yellow diamond, clear out the dead yellow tiles, and clear out the dead blues, you’ll have charged everyone and be ready to eat a bunch of special attacks.


I’m done raiding until SG fixes the bug. I was able to raid against yellow tanks very effectively took Greg Hansel Prometheus aeron and hel. Couple purple gems and I was golden. Now couple purple gems and I can’t do jack squat.


You want to know something funny? You’ve totally changed my mind about trophies. They are a totally cool and completely fair way to match players based on experience, skill and team strenght. BTW Somewhere in the forum I read an interesting idea of making your defense team weak. It does lead to some pretty interesting match ups a few days later- 2 400 team power vs 900- totally fair and unbiased.