Raids are unfair, but not for the reasons you think


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Yes, attackers have a huge advantage over the defenders.


Well I for one would like to know how players learn all these tips and strategies that you mention. If you are in a top alleaince I would say you already know all these, and if you are not, your teamamtes are not the ones to ask. I have read lots of posts in the forum that discuss heroes for example- who do you like better etc. but not lineup interactions and such. So what is a player to do? I personally think raids are nothing but a nightmare and have totally given up on them. Unless I have a place to go and learn how to be successful, I am in no hurry to return to them.


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There are a number of alliances that focus on teaching players things like these. Mine is one. Granny’s Warriors is another.
There are also several posts here in the forum written by experienced players about raiding. I’ll link a couple of them for you.
There is also an entire YouTube channel full of videos of some of the top players in the game with commentary explaining how to choose heroes and play the board.




I think it all boils down to this - for some this generalisation obviously doesn’t hold.
I just don’t have better explanation, AI obviously plays better than most of people who complain about boards unfair or raids unfair. And I agree with you, AI does really poor choices that I just have to close the phone to not look when farming because I’d start yelling at it ‘why you did this, this doesn’t make sense AT ALL’ :rofl:

Let’s me add this one for those who want to learn Titan Attack Fundamentals - (new player Titan guide)

It’s great for explaining why you want color stacking.

@BR0220 read those last few links, and let us know how much you got better in two weeks.
You don’t need to be taught by holding hands, you can learn here. I think most or players who really know how to play this game, did learn stuff on their own. Because even if some alliance is giving some information, it’s boring to repeat all things all the time, so yeah, you’re better of with searching here.

Oh, and I’ll just link my experience how those few links mentioned worked for me:

It just occurred to me - if AI is playing better than you, then just click autoplay and statistically speaking, your score should get better.


Unfortunately, Raid doesn’t have auto play, just Flee!


oh, my mistake, thanks, I remembered that titan has it…

ok, then people can do it on their own - look from left to right to match 3 (before click any diamond and any dragon), when you get mana, shoot special from left to right without aiming… this is roughly, it has a bit more detailed search pattern, but not much, it’s usually from top left corner towards the bottom right, and if leftmost opponent is gone, then it will start searching in the column roughly below it


Seems justified…


Thank you @NPNKY for this thoughtful summary of how raiding … need to be approached.



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Trophies are meaningless.

It’s still a slot machine.

All of the jabs and moral grand-standing in the world will not change either of those.


I’d say it’s more like poker…you can’t choose the cards you get, but you can choose how to play them :slightly_smiling_face:


Also, it will prioritize gems and dragons before a match-3.


I wrote that, maybe not that clearly :rofl:


Aaaah yes. If I may be a grammar pedant Python…

You wrote “…match 3 (before click any diamond and any dragon)”

Perhaps it should be:

“…match 3 (before, click any diamond and any dragon)”

That comma makes all the difference, to me, in putting the instructions in order :joy:

Sorry…off topic…so raids are fun and @NPNKY continues to be wise and amazing :+1:


All if those reasons only work if you get a decent board to work from. I have found on almost every occasion the board is rigged towards the AI winning!


The boards are random. Its been demonstrated over and over on here. Do bad boards happen? Sure they do. So do awesome boards. We just tend to notice and remember the bad more than the good. Its called confirmation bias.

If you don’t believe me, take a screenshot of the starting board for your next 600 raids. Do 100 with a rainbow team and 100 with a double color team in each color. Every raid, not just the bad or the good. For each board, note down the number of tiles of each color and whether it was a rainbow team or a stacked team. Then figure out the averages for number of tiles of each color overall and broken down by stacked colors. You will find (just like everyone else who has already done this) that the average is 7 tiles of each color regardless of whether you stack or not.