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Simple answer to this - don’t go mono/stack heavily. Do 3/2, 3/1/1, 2/1/1/1, etc. (rainbow is tricky). Worked wonders for my consistency. When I lose now I can 95% of the time say it was because of a mistake I made, rather than a dependency on the board. Playing these configurations I do feel that I have almost total control of the board.

I typically raid with 4.2-4.4k teams, vs 4.6 - 5k teams. Win rate in the 80-90% range. If I am losing to an equivalent TP team then something is seriously wrong with my team configuration or playstyle.

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So what about the defense team that you rely on to protect your kingdom(trophies)?

I gather you still haven’t read the original post. Give it a try, and think on it.

If your most powerful team is a bunch of misfit heroes that don’t work well together then using them puts you at a disadvantage. You also need to consider well the order in which you use them. Don’t use your defense down hero after using your sniper. Don’t use your debuffer hero after attacking an opponent with riposte. And so on. And having multiple defense down heroes just negates one of them as they conflict. My strongest team is around 4650 but my typical raiding team is around 4200-4400 (depending on colour and opponent).

Mono is great if you get the boards but statistically that is only happening 20% of the time. There are four other colours that get in the way. And it is harder to rework the board when you are after just one colour.

Defense team is a different animal. For me, it is there just to ensure I stay in diamond. I don’t care if I lose there, it actually makes it easier to win when I attack if my cups are lower. Plus anytime I get up around 2800 cups I usually wake up in platinum :rofl:

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What about them? My defense is good, not great. Gefjon, Frigg, Malicna, Master Lepus, C Joon. TP 4692 (close to max emblemed, none LB’d, and fairly low troops). Keeps me around 2550-2600 cups most days

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Instead of trying to learn from what I say you instead prefer to ignore the information and to make a rude comment and continue (I assume) to complain. Is it any wonder that you are not improving in the game with that attitude?


At certain level Any enemy can be beaten, I´m not the best managing the board but I know how to deal with the enemies (except that I usually forget about the Vanaheim passive)

But yesterday I lost to a team with inferior TP than me… RNG screws everyone. The higher difference less margin you have to build the win. And with the VF battles is more critical (despite battles can be also extended to the limit.

You must work for the company or something.

MMm. What drove you to that conclusion, Sherlock?

There’s a difference between being rude, and insulting someone. Do you agree?

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Back to topic please. :wink:

My raid defense team of 3600 just lost to a team of 2300 on a revenge. How is this?

Please describe. You attacked a 2300 with a 3600 team, and then you lost when they revenged you?

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Was this your opponent’s defense team or attacking team? The team displayed when you click the player in the watchtower is their defense and 99% of the time not the team they attacked you with. You need to click the question mark to see the attacking team.

They may have been cup dropping and attacked with a stronger team.


This guy’s defense of 4.7K TP lost to my offense of 1.7K TP.

Almost all of my raids these days are vs opponents that are 400-600 TP higher than me. I win most of them. This is how much of an advantage the offense has over the defense.


@Homaclese Is that supposed to be an example for anything?
Your Mana is filled up with two turns, and then you shoot your special that wipes out half their energy and then the rest is wiped out with one turn…
4 turms and the game is over, the computer didnt have time to use their special skills.
If anything it shows that Elradir is overpowered and needs to be nerfed and the perfect example of the gap of these new heroes.

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