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Hey blank, you seem to be awfully frustrated, perhaps do some friendly raids and share them in your team… Maybe u will find the fun again hon. You shouldn’t be getting this pissy about the game tbh. I’m in a top 100 house and we all keep our cups 2600+ (unless we are doing a side game challenge)
Bottom line… U will have good days and bad. It happens :laughing: relax. Imo it’s random and sometimes it takes pity on me :laughing: Need some :popcorn: or :beer: ? Find the fun. Good luck.

In my 3+ years of experience I can say that any ability/special attack that involves a % of success/failure 7 times out of ten end up failing in my case, so I really don’t know what to tell you.

And the flag thing is just hilarious honestly :joy::joy::joy:

Just Playing devil’s advocate here, maybe just maybe you need to change your strategy on raids?? Just like it’s not always the board in wars LOL sometimes there’s different moves you should be making instead. I’ve been playing a couple months short of four years and I can tell you there’s good days and bad days but it certainly isn’t worth getting this upset about LOL


If you wanna share some strategies of yours with me, feel free to DM me, dear.
If you can maintain around 2600+ cups then your strategy must work. As long as your strategy won’t involve spending actual money, of course…

You mean… an ability that has a 30% chance of succeeding ends up failing 7 out of 10? Wow. Blatant cheating by the system


All you have to do is follow some of the strategies that have already been laid out… it’s what all of us do, dear and there’s not a way to spend gems to raid unless you’re talking about buying flasks and with your luck I wouldn’t suggest it anyway LOL :beers: by the way snippiness and attitude won’t win you any raids either, just a heads up.
If you want strategies since you like to be on the forum there’s plenty of strategies that have already been discussed take a look you may be pleasantly surprised. good luck and relax a bit. Try eating a snickers :laughing: the commercials swear they help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (if u have a nut allergy please diregard ) here’s some :popcorn: instead :rofl:

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Will have a look around and see what people say about E&P strategies.

Btw be careful, taking about snickers is off topic, we don’t wanna get flagged don’t we… :joy:

U never get flagged if u follow the TOS. I am a known :poop: stirrer but as long as u follow the rules … No flags. Simple nuff deary

Glad u will look for strategic changes u can implement to be more successful. Raiding is quite fun imo.

Solid advice here (short thread too) and same strats we use. :point_up:

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As am I but rules are… let’s just say “flexible”.

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Are they shaken, not stirred?



Are they really unfair? Now that I can see the attack teams, I find it interesting that most people, like me, field a defense that they cannot effectively use for attacking. Instead they use a lower power team. My defense is just 4250 but when I encounter revenge opportunities they can be 500 pts or more higher. My best attack teams top out below 4050 pts and some are as low as 3900 pts. Just a couple of examples off people both raiding up and people raiding down. I have to say I admire people that raid harder targets as they stand to lose only 8 cups or so. I actually lose quite a bit but it’s no biggy. One of the pics is a Raid on me while the other two are revenges from earlier today. I really don’t see an issue and it’s not like I have an awesome roster.

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These raids are unfair due to the fact that every hero on the opposing team gains mana when they are struck(or not), and when they strike(or not) while my team on gains mana for the hero that strikes. It allows for every hero on the opposing team to reach special power before I even have a chance to reach one. This is unfair and should be fixed.


How exactly does that make it unfair and how exactly would you fix it?

And would you fix it just to win all the time? That too would be unfair.

I would say you didn’t read the original post here.

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Just sharing my opinion. No it’s not about winning all the time. It’s about having a level playing field. Doesn’t seem right to me that your opponent gets extra perks during battles and I get none.

Seems to me that you get the 2 biggest perks that your opponent doesn’t get… the ability to configure your team based on their defense, and the ability to have a human mind control the tiles and the specials. And that is why wins are more common than losses, by a large margin.


That doesn’t even make since bro. But yea ok.

Tell me how it doesnt make since bro…

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Explain to me how mana works.

Your opponent gets 1 tile’s worth of mana each turn. In addition, they get mana for each tile they are hit with each turn. The amount of mana they get seems to be somewhat logarithmic, with maximum gain for the first few tiles and then a decreasing amount with each consecutive tile within the cascade.

On the other hand you gain mana for each tile that you match of the matching color.

The benefit the opponent gets is cascades can charge up enemies quickly - which you can mostly avoid by playing well. The advantage you get is that you can decide which heroe(s) you want to charge first, how many charge together using the same color, in which sequence you fire the specials and who you target.

Your advantages far outweigh the opponent’s advantages.

They don’t because I have no control over the tiles. If I have nature(green)heroes and no green tiles how am I to charge thar hero up?.. and if I were to change all of my team to a certain color, the other color tiles don’t do damage when they hit. Seriously, you can’t convince me that it’s fair if the gameplay is different on the other side. My most powerful team is at 3600+ team power right now, and I’m losing to team with only 3000 team power. That’s crazy to me.

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