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@APatok A wise man once said, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”
The same thing can be said about typing in online forums.

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I mean… can we call you “dumb” because your grammar really, really sucks?

You called another player dumb and bragged about that player’s inability to revenge raid you. A player that was demonstratably weaker in every way, who was praying for a board with cascades to upend you, which could have happened.

@bobiscool Low blow. Not cool, Bob. I expect he is more fluent in English than either of us would be in his native tongue.

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I don’t know why people don’t seem to understand comparative logic. It’s the case in all of those other threads about POV and beta tester anti nerfer threads;

I am simply using other people’s own logical form of their arguments against them to show how invalid their arguments are.

It’s such an obvious and simple logical exercise, why do people seem to not be able to understand?

My argument is essentially “because your argument is invalid when used against you, your argument is invalid when you’re using it.” Which implies that the idea is, both arguments are invalid; Which, to make it even clearer, means I am not actually asserting the arguments I’m making, merely showing they don’t make sense.

I’m not sure how you can justify making insinuations like this:

And call me out for “low blows”, when mine doesn’t actually imply anything, while yours…

The answer is in the first sentence. Very few ever see the opposing point of view, and only theirs is valid. That’s their logic.

I see what you mean, Bob, but I also see where @NPNKY is coming from and how it could be taken out of context.

I don’t think you were making fun of his English. I believe you were pointing out that calling other players dumb is comparable to someone else making fun of his English. It’s all unfounded and unnecessary.


You called him dumb for using poor English. How’s your Hungarian?

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Hi @APatok, you might want to check out this video which covers a lot of the basic stuff about raids. It might not have all the answers to your questions, but it’s a pretty good starting point. :slight_smile:

Here’s another one which is a little bit more advanced than the other one. Hope this helps you to build your roster and attack teams so that you can be more successful in raids. Happy gaming :slight_smile:


Yes, you can.
It does not hurt anybody. I’m sad about, funny but I never learned English by teacher or school, just learned it while working in US, UK, Malaysia, India, Sweden. I’m but happy as my tecnical English is best to fulfill my profession.
I’m happy having the meaning of my friends in Kent/UK they told the same (about funny grammar), with a nice remark, “you do communicate much better English as some foreigner living here for years”.
British are polite, isn’t it?
Btw. I’m a native German speaker, learned Swedish (as lived longer) in Sweden, Czech in Czech (lived longer too) and I do speak a bit Russian too.
The basic words and expressions (like please, thanks and dozens more) I learned in French, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Slovakian, Italian, Kroatian, Malay (!) Tamil (!) as I worked in these countries longer in the last 30 years.
Yes, you can call me dumb. :wink::wink::wink:


Well, you know, maybe the guy who raided against you and lost can speak 10 languages and is a professor at a prestigious University.

It’s hard to read intent from text. The way your comments are phrased, I saw them as simply repeating the same tired, illogical arguments rather than trying to illustrate how ridiculous those arguments were.

Hi @ThePirateKing
Thanks. :+1::+1::+1:
I started to play E&P in December 2019. Joined then to my clan (today backwards) 107 days ago.

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No, I’m not a professor but a very talented professional as an electrical engineer (studied in Germany) working at CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) internationally for a great multinational company.
You can do it too, believe me, just take your profession seriously as I did.

That’s nice. Game play wise you are still young, so there is always a lot of new things to learn. The forum and YouTube are two good places where you can do that. Especially, videos like the one I sent you, helped me a lot when I was starting off. The game is meant to very long and requires a lot of patience, so strap on and just enjoy the ride, it’s a game after all. All the best. :slight_smile: :+1:

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.APatok, I read through this thread and the only one talking trash is you. You are also the one failing to make a logical and coherent argument.


I think you are right. The raiding system is biased against the player overall, but because the player’s experience is as an attacker it feels as though it’s a bias against the attacker.

Another point against “attacker bias” is Revenge. Revenge makes a player both an attacker and a defender in an engagement with another player. Splitting those matches is a net loss in cups in almost every case and almost every enemy revenge will be a loss.

There are three primary reasons a loss is most common: The first reason is that players without a favorable risk/reward factor won’t attempt Revenge, the second is that a player can only make a guess, educated or not, about the TP of the team an enemy will use for Revenge frequently leaving a player’s defense at a significant disadvantage, and lastly because all the points you made about an attacker’s advantages now swing to a player’s enemy.

Color stacking or going mono can let you fight stronger teams to mitigate this imbalance, but you need multiple strong heroes of the same color, and more strong heroes to populate a balanced defense team lest your stack/mono team become an easy target. Most players can’t field those teams for a very long time unless paying to get there.

Rerolling to find suitable matchups to lower this imbalance is an option, but the cost in food is likely prohibitive. If not prohibitive, using so much food would reduce the potential benefits of better loot.

The easiest metric you could use to expose any imbalance is the average number of flags required to win a given number of cups vs the average number of losses before giving up that same number of cups. Or the number of teams on the wrong end of this equation compared to the number who find it to their favor.

IMO (and in my experience) both numbers would show a bias and it seems obvious that the bias is intentional because spending is the most effective counter.

Unfortunately there are still two things that skew the odds in favour of the defending team:

  1. The attacker needs to make multiple colour matches to generate sufficient mana for a special attack whereas all the defender has to do is get hit by troops. A multi-match cascade might not yield enough matches of a particular colour to empower one of your heroes, but it can quite easily get two or three of the defending characters up to full mana and allow them to start destroying your team. Add to this the fact that defending heroes can generate small amounts of mana without even being hit

  2. The defending team can direct it’s standard attacks at specific characters. Let’s say that your healer has taken heavy damage but you have managed to get him/her fully powered up without powering up any of the defending team. Just as you gain enough mana to unleash your healers powers, your healer is killed by a specifically targeted standard attack. As the attacker, your standard attacks are determined by available matches.


I’ve been playing 3 solid years. The starting boards for stacked and especially mono teams when attacking has gotten worse over time. Its not just raids but titan boards as well. Sure the RNG is valid but its skewed against the tank or titan color 9 times out of 10. Then you have to work so hard even by ignoring the colors you need to clear the junk tiles and you’ll get cascaded with more junk tiles that fire up the enemies mana so fast that all 5 defending heros will fire off before you get a chance to fire one single hero. Its happened so much that I’m at the verge of rage quit and take my hundreds of dollars a month I have been pouring into this game and go elsewhere. If not for my alliance and their dependence on me I’d probably have quit playing already.

Point being, the RNG is true, but there is some starting algorithm that works against stacked teams and appears to lower the drop rates of certain colors for x amount of turns before releasing more of those needed colors.

Use a balanced team and no issues. The more you stack the worse it gets. Im not the only one and I’ve been using the stack team strategy for years. Its gotten exponentially worse ever since the last few updates where they nerfed the heros, lowered the drop rate of 5* heros in pact pulls, and did various *fixing of game play issues

I’m seriously on the verge of considering quitting, to which again, I am a p2p player so I can buy advantages in the game but this is getting so ridiculous the fun has been suxked right out it.

I used to store review and pride this game on how it was inexpensive, competitive, and easy to play for f2p or p2p… but it seems the more popular the game has gotten, the more greed has seemed to take the forefront and now with lowered drop rates of heros and the skewed “bad boards” has become so commonplace that instead of once in a while oh well… its a common occurrence and become the norm.

Fix this or I will lose even more interest, and you will lose my steady influx of spending money along with a negative review when I go.

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But wait… you pay, and you get bad boards? That totally contradicts:


This is freaking me out… are we saying that bad boards happen to… EVERYONE? But wait, I play mono or 4-1 in wars and this is my war record…

It is certainly not perfect record but I do seem to be winning a fair % of my highly stacked war matchups. I am in a top 100 alliance and every single matchup has me at a lower TP, usulaly considerably so, as my roster is only medium deep and my troops are rubbish. So… I must be getting enough tiles in each match to win anywhere from 3 to 6 matches in each war, right? Consistently so. Through all of the updates. How can this be possible? Normal raids are a much higher win percentage, raid tournies are also roughly at the 80% mark. And strangely, others in my alliance - and even those alliances we fight against - are also winning. How is all of this possible???


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